Outsider Marki-Zay appears ready to win the Hungarian opposition final vote

File Photo: Mayor Hodmezovasarhely and Prime Minister’s conservative opposition candidate, Peter Marquizai, leader of the independent civil politics initiative “Everyone’s Hungary Movement,” is the second opposition primary in Budapest, Hungary. I will speak at a campaign rally during the round. October 10, 2021. Photo taken on October 10, 2021. REUTERS / MartonMonus

October 17, 2021

By Gergely Szakacs and Kriztina Than

Budapest (Reuters)-A non-party outsider, the mayor of a small town, Peter Marquizai, has left-wing Clara Dobrev in a primary opposition election to select a challenger to Hungarian nationalist Prime Minister Victor Oban. It looked like it was ready to break.

Counting half of the votes, Marki-Zay received 204,873 votes (about 59%), and Democratic Union politician Dobrev received 141,938 votes.

Marki-Zay’s candidacy could be a tough fight for Orban in next year’s parliamentary elections. His family image and Christian beliefs would make it difficult to blame him, and he could also appeal to a wide range of uncertain voters in both the countryside and Budapest.

For the first time since he came to power in 2010, Oban will face a united front of opposition parties, including socialists, liberal socialists, and formerly far-right, now centre-right Jobbik.

Opinion polls show that Olburn’s ruling Fidesz and opposition alliances are strangling.

“If Marquizai becomes the winner and the opposition’s candidate for prime minister, Fides will need to seriously rethink their strategy,” said Robert Laszlo, a political capital analyst at think tanks.

Results were from 11 of 18 members of Budapest and 11 of 19 counties. In Budapest, Marquizai, who takes pride in being the preferred choice for both left and conservative voters, took the lead, with lawyer and economist Dobreff taking the lead in the countryside.

“The results give a reason for extraordinary optimism,” Marki-Zay, seven 49-year-old conservative fathers, told reporters in Budapest.

He said he and Dobreff agreed that it was essential for both parties to keep the opposition united prior to the race and promised to cooperate after the finals.

“Clean” simultaneous

With a degree in economics, marketing and engineering, Marki-Zay became famous when he won the 2018 Mayor’s Contest in his southern hometown of Hodmezovasarhely, home of the Fides party.

He has led a coalition of “cleans”, promised to eradicate corruption, and campaigned to end a 30-year deep division in politics and society.

Both candidates are trying to dismantle what is called Olburn’s “non-liberal state.” This includes the foundation of its ideology, the Hungarian Constitution, and a number of major laws.

Olburn thrives in conflict and has a series of conflicts with the European Union, but both Markizai and Dobreff are trying to improve their relations with Brussels. They are also in favor of Hungary’s adoption of the euro in the foreseeable future.

“In general, Dobreff may be in a good position to unite six diverse opposition parties, but it can also struggle to attract independent right-wing voters in the general election,” said Think Tank Teneo. Andrius Tulsa said in a memo.

“On the other hand, Marki-Zay may be in a good position to challenge the incumbent Viktor Orban, but his relatively unobtrusive and limited political experience puts the opposition behind his candidacy. It can be difficult to unite. “

(Report by Gergely Szakacs, edited by Emeria Sithole-Matarise and Frances Kerry)

Outsider Marki-Zay appears ready to win the Hungarian opposition final vote

Source link Outsider Marki-Zay appears ready to win the Hungarian opposition final vote

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