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I’ve used the toolbox a lot over the years, not just hunting and fishing. By observing the situation and evaluating it effectively, I was able to eat fish and hunted meat, but I was able to prevent troubles.

Over the last few decades, the number of people participating in traditional outdoor sports has tended to decline sharply. Indeed, hiking and biking trails are full of people. Crossing Brazos you can see many kayaks paddling, but with little access to fishing and hunting areas, only stubborn hunters and anglers, or their families, have their own hunting and fishing. The land continues those traditions.

I don’t know the answer to turn this trend around, but I’m promoting outdoor sports through this column and helping to recruit new people (or returnees to sports) in my daily business. Even if you can’t reach 10,000 people, just contacting a few people will help to some extent. A fishing trip to the refreshing shores of Lake Waco with your neighbors is a much safer and healthier way to spend your time than sitting. Breathe each other’s exhaust together in a crowded living room.

Sports fans are superstitious that wearing a lucky hat while watching a game will help the team play, but in reality, wearing, saying, eating, drinking, and thinking. Does not affect the outcome of the game. .. But you have control over days like going bass fishing, building a campfire, or shooting pigeons flying at 60 mph. At least you have a little control.

Outdoors: Winding (and Hunting) for Years | Sports News

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