Our calling provides a Thanksgiving meal to the homeless community

Dallas — Mary O’Connor has been a volunteer for Our Calling for five years. The Homeless Service is a Christian non-profit organization that provides solutions to the unprotected homeless community.

In addition to dispatching search and rescue teams, they also offer programs to redirect homeless people to rehab centers, detox treatment centers, and more. The service also has an app that can identify the closest homeless resource, such as a local shelter, pantry, or domestic violence shelter.

Mary says it is her faith and love for the Lord that motivates her to “love her neighbor,” despite her socio-economic status.

“This gives me the opportunity to meet some new people, make some new friends, interact with our homeless friends, and just have a good time,” O’Connor said.[We] You can make it feel like there is a table place that makes you feel good. ”

Our Calling serves the homeless every day, but on Thanksgiving holidays we give back to those who need it most and serve multiple meals to each one.

Our calling Thanksgiving plate. (Spectrum News 1 / Robin Richardson)

“What would be most meaningful to me if I were sitting in their shoes? It would be a community and it would make me feel like I belong,” O’Connor said. “I was able to get off the street all day, have a nice meal, be loved by people and pray. Especially this week is Thanksgiving. Sometimes I feel like there aren’t many Thanksgiving, so with them. Being here in and being able to give them something that gives them hope and makes them feel grateful for what they have been given today means a lot. “

Harold Lewis is part of the homeless community. He visits our callings frequently and is grateful to volunteers like O’Connor.

“”[For] Two reasons. It’s done in an intelligent way, “says Lewis. “It’s done in a way that helps people, and they want to help you. When you enter, it’s as if you’re in a five-star restaurant. It was amazing.”

Mary O’Connor serves homeless and volunteers at Our Calling Thanksgiving. (Spectrum News 1 / Robin Richardson)

The need for volunteers goes beyond Thanksgiving. O’Connor belongs to the search and rescue team once a month. She says she will continue to serve and love people where they are.

Click here to volunteer or learn more about our calling and its mission.

Our calling provides a Thanksgiving meal to the homeless community

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