Otis McKane was convicted of murder for the killing of SAPDDet.Benjamin Marconi

San Antonio – After less than an hour of deliberation, a Bexar County jury on Monday pleaded guilty to Otis McCain for murder.

When the ruling was read in court, McCain twisted the chin courtman who was trying to handcuff him.

McCain shot the San Antonio police station. Benjamin Marconi in front of police headquarters in 2016.

The jury enters the punishment stage of the death sentence, and McCain may be sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. These procedures will begin Tuesday at 1:30 pm and will be livestreamed on KSAT.com.

The trial was the first death sentence in Bexar County in more than five years and was the largest criminal decision in the county since the jury trial resumed from the COVID-19 pandemic.


The trial lasted 11 days over a three-week period, and the prosecution asked 55 witnesses to assist in presenting the case, but the defense called only one witness and testified for about 15 minutes.

In closing arguments, the prosecution called the killing “public execution in front of public security headquarters,” and McCain said it “means killing someone.” The prosecution also noted that McCain had repeatedly admitted to Marconi’s murder.

Prosecutors said Marconi was a police officer who acted on the legal dismissal of public affairs, so their witnesses and evidence proved beyond reasonable suspicion that McCain was guilty of murder.

The defense argued that Marconi was sending a text message about his personal problems when he was shot, even though he thought he was in a police car while writing a traffic ticket. Attorney Joel Perez told the jury that McCain would not be charged with the death penalty and therefore not subject to the death penalty if he had done personal matters when Marconi was shot dead. Stated.


The jury did not agree.

On the morning of November 20, 2016, Marconi was sitting in a police car outside SAPD Public Security Headquarters, writing a ticket to the driver as McCain pulled into a black car pulled behind the cruiser. McCain approached the police station and shot the policeman’s head in the driver’s seat twice.

A large-scale investigation continued, with Chip leading police to arrest McCain 30 hours later.

The morning after the shooting, the defendant stepped into the Bexar Courthouse and was later revealed to have been married when police searched for him.

Security footage showed him entering the court, where he obtained a marriage license.

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Otis McKane was convicted of murder for the killing of SAPDDet.Benjamin Marconi

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