Orthodox patriarch who was hospitalized at the beginning of his 12-day visit to the United States

Washington – The world’s 200 million Eastern Orthodox Christian spiritual leaders were hospitalized on Sunday in Washington on the first full day of their planned 12-day visit to the United States, says the Archdiocese of the Greek Orthodox Church in the United States. I did.

The Archdiocese departs for service at St. Sofia’s Cathedral, the capital of the country, when Patriarch Bartholomew feels sick “due to the long flight on arrival and the complete schedule of events”. He said he was preparing to do it.

“His doctor advised him to rest and pay close attention,” the statement said, “for observation” going to George Washington University Hospital.

81-year-old Bartholomew has a wide range of agendas across religious, political and environmental issues. His schedule includes a meeting with President Joe Biden on Monday, as well as various ceremonies and pagan rallies.


The Patriarch is considered to be the first equal in the hierarchy of the Eastern Orthodox Church, which gives him excellence, but not the power of the Catholic Pope.

Bartholomew has recently visited the country several times during his 30 years in office to address concerns ranging from pending restructuring of American churches to his position in his hometown of Turkey. Expected.

Bartholomew is an event on Thursday highlighting efforts to improve the relationship between the Orthodox Church and Catholicism, centuries after the two churches categorically collapsed in 1054 in the controversy over theology and the Pope’s claim of supremacy. I plan to earn an honorary degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Just as his influence is limited in Turkey, it is also limited in the communion of the Eastern Orthodox Church, which is rooted in Eastern Europe and the Middle East and has a global diaspora. Most of the communion is in an independently governed national church, and while the Ecumenical Patriarch has only symbolic excellence, he directly oversees the Greek Orthodox Church and several other jurisdictions. I am.


The Russian Orthodox Church, which has about 100 million followers, specifically claims its independence and influence, and Bartholomew’s 2019 approval for the independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, where the Patriarch of Moscow still claims sovereignty. Rejected.

In addition to the upcoming meeting with top US executives, Bartholomew also plans to open ceremonial doors at the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas and the National Shrine in New York City. It was built to replace the parish church that was destroyed during 9/11. To commemorate the attack and those killed at the nearby World Trade Center.

According to a 2017 Pew Research Center report, there were about 200 million Eastern Orthodox churches around the world. It was almost half of those Greek Orthodox churches and reported about 1.8 million Orthodox churches in the United States.



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Orthodox patriarch who was hospitalized at the beginning of his 12-day visit to the United States

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