O’Reilly’s whistleblower’s appearance on “The View” stopped by order

New York – “The View” has canceled Wednesday’s scheduled appearance by a woman who settled a sexual harassment proceeding against Bill O’Reilly after a former Fox News channel personality received a detention order against her.

O’Reilly talked about his experience with him nearly 20 years ago and accused former producer Andrea McChrist of violating a nondisclosure agreement.

ABC’s daytime talk show said in a statement, after being notified of the restraint order, “We decided to postpone her interview until further progress was seen. Later, she was called” The View. ” I am looking forward to welcoming you. “

Mackris interviewed The Daily Beast earlier this month to elaborate on her experience at O’Reilly. She accused him of repeatedly making lewd calls, while he accused McChrist of attempted extortion before agreeing to a $ 9 million settlement in 2004.

Fox News fired O’Reilly, the most popular star of the time, in 2017. After it was revealed that the company had paid five women a total of $ 13 million to be quiet about their disturbing encounters with him.


O’Reilly accused Macris of violating the confidentiality agreement agreed in the settlement in court documents filed this week with the Supreme Court of Nassau County, New York. “She hasn’t offered to return any of the millions of dollars she received,” O’Reilly’s lawyer said, although McCris seems to think the terms don’t apply to her.

Judge Randy Sue Marver signed a detention order on Tuesday and ordered a hearing on July 26.

McCris told The Daily Beast on Wednesday: “I hope the era of law that allows women to be silent is over. I will continue to fight for my voice.”

In a July 13 article on the website, McCris talked about her emotional distress and what was effectively blackballed in the news industry in the years following her incident.

The article was co-authored by former Fox News employee Diana Falzone, a contributor. Falzone settled a sexist proceeding against Fox after accusing the network of suddenly airing her when he wrote an article detailing the fight against endometriosis in 2017.


The Daily Beast revealed in Falzone’s Fox connection and reconciliation in an editor’s note at the end of the piece.

Kathleen Balzen Calver, director of the Center for Journalism and Ethics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, wondered if this was a potential conflict of interest and whether Falzone’s experience with Fox would affect her independence. I am raising it. She said it would be wrong to suggest that Falzone couldn’t write about these issues, but when it writes about Fox, it’s doubtful that she writes about them.

The Daily Beast’s editor-in-chief, Noah Shaktoman, said Wednesday that the news site was happy with the deal.

“The idea that Diana should somehow be banned from reporting on this subject is silly,” Shahatman said. “We are completely transparent about her history with Fox and no one has challenged her incredible series of scoop entities.”

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O’Reilly’s whistleblower’s appearance on “The View” stopped by order

Source link O’Reilly’s whistleblower’s appearance on “The View” stopped by order

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