Oregon Wildfire Exiles 2,000 Residents as Flames Burn in the Western United States | Voice of America

Klamath Falls, Oregon-Helicopter-backed manual workers expel nearly 2,000 residents of southern Oregon, the largest of the dozens of drought-stricken western United States. I had a hard time controlling the huge wildfire.

Since the eruption on July 6, about 400 km south of Portland, Bootleg Fire has burned over 91,860 hectares of dry wood and polished the Fremont Winma National Forest and its surroundings.

That total was 12,000 acres higher than Wednesday’s tally, beyond New York City’s land. The strike team carved a containment line around 7% around the fire, up from 5% the day before, but incident commander Joe Hessel said the flames would continue to spread. “Extremely dry vegetation and weather are not in our favor,” Hessel said on Twitter.

Jim Garsbach, a spokesman for the Oregon Forest Department, said more than 1,700 firefighters and 12 helicopters were assigned to the flames, squeezing available resources and equipment demand across the Pacific Northwest. He said he had begun to do so.

“It’s rare to reach this level of demand for firefighting resources so quickly,” he said.

Garrett Souza, a 42-year-old firefighter living in the nearby town of Tirokin, said on Wednesday that he and his team spent 39 hours straight on the “first attack” of last week’s fire.

He told Reuters when he took a break from a hack at a hotspot in the burn area.

Although not seriously injured by the bootleg fire, at least 21 homes and 54 other structures were destroyed, forcing an estimated 2,000 people from hundreds of homes to evacuate. Nearly 2,000 homes were threatened.

The largest of many wildfires

According to the National Inter-Ministry Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, bootlegs were by far the largest of the 70 major wildfires listed on Thursday, affecting nearly one million acres in 11 states. It has been reported. It was also the sixth-largest record in Oregon since 1900, according to state forestry statistics.

Firefighter Garrett Sousa, along with the Tyrokin Forest Office, will clear the northeastern hotspot of the bootleg fire near Spree River, Orea on July 14, 2021.

Other states affected by recent wildfires include California, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska.

As of Wednesday, the Boise Center has set its “national wilderness firefighting readiness level” to 5, the highest of the five scales. This means that most US firefighting resources are currently deployed somewhere in the country.

This situation represents an unusually busy start to the annual fire season, which comes in the extremely dry conditions and record heat that has burned much of the west in recent weeks.

Scientists say that the increased frequency and intensity of wildfires is primarily due to long-term droughts, which are a sign of climate change.

One of the new flames that caught the eye on Thursday was the Dixie fire that erupted Wednesday near a mountain town in Paradise, Butte County, California. disaster.

The Dixie fire burned about 910 hectares in the first 24 hours when about 500 employees fought against a flame that had spread over steep rocky terrain about 140 km north of Sacramento. It was.

Eric Wegner of the US Forestry Department said the dense dead and dead trees make the flames very flammable. “It took off really fast,” he told Reuters.

Authorities have issued evacuation orders and warnings to several small communities in the area.

In Washington, firefighters have contained about 20% of lightning fires near Nespelem, burning nearly 9,270 hectares northeast of Seattle from Monday, primarily on the land of the Colville Reservation tribe.

No one was injured, but officials said the flames killed some livestock, destroyed three homes and forcibly evacuated some other livestock.

Oregon Wildfire Exiles 2,000 Residents as Flames Burn in the Western United States | Voice of America

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