‘Orbeez Challenge’ leads to blockade at Texas high school

ROYSE CITY, Texas – It could have started as a game, but the results were anything but.

Police in Royse City, Texas, say the so-called “Orbeez Challenge” on TikTok sparked a blockade and an active shooter investigation Friday at Royse City High School.

Police at 8:12 a.m. received a call about an armed person on campus. Witnesses said they saw someone in the parking lot pointing a gun at another person. It was later reported that several people were running from the car park to the school.

The school was closed and officers from several police agencies arrived. They located what appeared to be several airsoft pellets on the floor and in the parking lot. Five students were identified as involved and arrested.

Police also recovered three airsoft rifles, an airsoft pistol and a BB pistol from the students.

Some of the airsoft guns recovered by police. (Source: Royse City Police Department)

Orbeez manufactures water-absorbing bills for children from 5 years old. According to police, the challenge encourages people to use airsoft or BB guns to shoot each other.

The challenge has been linked to several recent police incidents, from Tennessee to Michigan and Florida.

According to police, “the students involved will face serious ramifications for their actions by the school district and possible criminal charges.”

Royse City police said the challenge is straining police resources across the country because every incident must be investigated as if it were an active shooter.

The incident at Royse City High School is still being investigated.

‘Orbeez Challenge’ leads to blockade at Texas high school

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