Opportunistic defense leads the Dallas Cowboys to victory in the 13th week

The Dallas Cowboys collected four intercepts on their way to victory over New Orleans Saints in a row in the 13th week.

Dallas — A week after the severe Thanksgiving defeat, the Dallas Cowboys reacted with uneven performance during the 27-17 week 13 victory over New Orleans Saints. The good news is that the NFL doesn’t include style points when counting wins. The bad news is that the cowboys don’t seem to be playing at the same level as they were in the winning streak from the beginning of the season.

Following two consecutive Thursday contests, the Cowboys have a few more days to resolve some of those twists before re-entering the field. In the meantime, the biggest thing needed to get out of the match against New Orleans and the third match in Dallas in 12 days was a victory.

As in the previous two games, the Cowboys have found it difficult to find the rhythm of the attack. Unlike the previous two games, Dallas played enough to win the game.

The attack eventually led to three major plays to help escape the victory. The first match took place in the first quarter, the match was a 0-0 draw and the Cowboys faced 3rd and 7th place on the 23-yard line. Quarterback Dak Prescott hit wide receiver Amari Cooper in the middle with a gain of 41 yards. Play loosened Saints’ defenses and extended the drive, which ended with a one-yard touchdown from Prescott to wide receiver Michael Gallup.

The second important offensive play occurred in the second half of the second quarter. On the 3rd and 5th, Prescott threw darts from the middle to the wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, gaining 20 yards. The first down helped the cowboys continue to drive and keep the ball away from Saints at the end of the first half. Dallas will eventually add 3 points, taking a 6-point lead in half-time.

Playing the game on the Cowboys attack was the breakout run they were looking for over the past few weeks. Tony Pollard’s running back pitched outside, avoided tackles, and found sunlight with a score of 58 yards. Polard surpassed Saints’ defense on his way to the end zone, with less than four minutes remaining in the third quarter. After the Cowboys struggled to gain momentum on the ground for most of the night, Polard’s run gave what felt like a 20-10 lead insurmountable to Dallas.

The offense was enough to win, but the defense began to play after a fierce match against the Las Vegas Raiders. The unit carried the cowboys for most of the game and sealed the victory in the huge fourth quarter.

Defense allowed Saints Quarterback Tasam Hill 101 yards with 11 carries, but Hill’s feet were the only offensive weapon for the night home team. The Cowboys shut down Hill’s pass attack, allowed only 5/3 down conversions in 14 attempts, dismissed Hill twice, and chose four passes.

And just as the attack got bigger when needed, the defense saved the keyspot’s maximum play. Safety Gyron Kearse’s intercept near the end of the first half stole potential points from the Saints board, leading to three points on Dallas’ next drive.

Perhaps the most important defense play of the night came from the rookie’s outstanding Micah Parsons. With the Cowboys at 10 and Saints driving in the fourth quarter, Hill thought he could roll out in 3rd and 2nd place and get the ball out on the first down. However, Parsons approached Hill and won his tenth sack of the season.

Hill was out of the Cowboys defender’s clutch all night, but couldn’t escape Parsons. The takedown has moved Saints out of range of the field goal and eliminated more potential points.

After Kearse’s first half INT, Defensive ended the game with three intercepts in the fourth quarter, including what defensive lineman Carlos Watkins returned with a 29-yard touchdown.

The slap dash struggle from the Cowboys was not liked. The defense attacked with a rough stretch, which happened with Saints’ victory. The takeaway-hungry unit prevented points and helped Dallas win in December.

The victory on Thursday may not have been impressive for the team with high expectations, but the Cowboys needed it, whether ugly or not. After advancing to 1-3 in November, Dallas had to add to the total wins and feel rewarded for their efforts for the first time in a few weeks.

Groups devastated by the COVID protocol needed victory to regain their advantage. Most Cowboys needed a win to continue to put pressure on their division’s rivals, who probably felt a chance in the East of NFC.

They don’t ask how, they just ask a few, the cowboys are now 8-4. After losing two games in a row, Dallas gets a mini-buy in preparation for the final five games.

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Opportunistic defense leads the Dallas Cowboys to victory in the 13th week

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