Online businesses offer the DWP quality check service in order to cut home utility bills

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Online service providers will be given the chance to use a new checking service powered by benefits data from the Department for Work and Pensions to help ensure citizens take advantage of discounts to suitable for them.

The government is calling on ISPs and mobile phone providers to offer social discounts, offering discounted communications services for eligible customers – usually those who receive Universal Credit. or the interests of the state. Discounts can add up to £100 a year, according to the government.

A number of leading broadband companies – including BT, Virgin, Now and Sky – are offering discounts. The government says 99% of UK residents can use a discount from at least one provider, but only 1.2% of eligible residents have so far claimed the discount. checking the bills they received.

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To help increase this percentage – and eliminate the difficulty for ISPs not to offer a connection fee – a service will be launched next week that will allow telecommunications companies to connect directly with the systems DWP checks the eligibility of consumers for payments. These checks require the consent of the person in question, and the government has said that “DWP will limit the information provided, other than to ensure that the person has received an appropriate benefit when it comes to it”.

Virgin Media O2 has previously revealed it will use the DWP service to verify claims for its social media offering, and has also revealed it will waive early termination fees for customers who switch or cancel services.

Digital Secretary Nadine Dorries said: “Social costs are vital for families struggling with bills, keeping them connected in difficult times. Our discussions with broadband companies led to the There are many social insurance companies on the market today and we have secured a new life insurance policy from them to ensure that we get help for everyone who needs it. I encourage anyone concerned about falling payments to contact their provider to see what support is available.

The government said that the social costs agreed with the ISPs are among the agreements reached with the companies to provide financial savings to citizens affected by the crisis of life. Other government-backed initiatives include “a curated selection of back-to-school gifts from Amazon” and an offer offering £3 entry tickets to London Zoo or Whipsnade.

Online businesses offer the DWP quality check service in order to cut home utility bills

Source link Online businesses offer the DWP quality check service in order to cut home utility bills

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