One in ten technologies works as Agents of Transformation, but more need to step up to launch a new wave of innovation.

In 2018, Cisco AppDynamics released research showing the emergence of a select group of elite technologies that have the skills, knowledge and vision to drive positive and sustainable change into their company. At that time, 9% of technologists were working at this level – as Agents of Transformation – but there were many new technologies that would need to step up to produce the innovations that would be needed. they team up to compete.

Four years later, new research revealed in the report ‘Agents of Transformation 2022’, shows that 10% of technologists are now working at the top level of their profession.

At first glance, this seems to indicate slow or small progress, but it is important to consider the context of the last four years and, in other words, the global epidemic, which has significantly changing the pressures and demands on existing technologies.

Against the backdrop of seismic change – and the constant effort to bring out new ones and meet customers and manufacturers who are passionate about clean digital information – the journey to peak of the IT industry has become complex, demanding and demanding. In fact, research finds that 66% of technologists think it will be more difficult to become an Agent of Transformation now than in 2018.

Agents of Transformation need to reinvent themselves, growing faster to transform customers and business needs. Research shows that elite technicians need to be more impactful, using real -time information to improve digital knowledge and impact IT performance in business outcomes. They need to hone their critical thinking, engage with a wide range of stakeholders, and actively focus on their training and their ability to prepare for technology and professional demands.

No one can dispute the impact and contribution that the engineers have made over the past four years – in many cases, their skill and dedication to their team is crucial. driving the disease. However, there is now widespread consent that the number of technologies will increase in the coming months and years. Eight-eight percent of technologists believe that disease has accelerated the need for new technologies to become Agents of Transformation to deliver on their organization’s goals for innovation and achieve rapid social change. Business and customer interests.

Interestingly, however, research shows that while the number of Agents of Transformation has not changed much, the number of technologies that are close to reaching this level is growing. Thirty -eight percent of the world’s technologies work as Digital Pioneers, which means they have the skills and abilities needed to reach the top of their careers. This represents an increase of more than 50% from 2018 and indicates that the number of Agents of Transformation could swell significantly in the future. It is up to these technicians to do the ultimate task, which is to develop and enhance their skills, build their confidence and power within the organization or implementation. the tools that enable them to implement the technology and achieve the business end.

Of course, the way to rise to the top of the IT industry is not easy, as IT companies face many challenges and demands, but research identifies specific areas for all technology professionals to help improve. speed of their journey. This includes investing in their own education – the development of skills and competencies related to Indigenous technologies will be important; train collaboration across the industry and become a leader in innovation.

There are a number of settings that can help engineers perform better. They need to work in a culture that is about the best technology talent and in a well -known organization, with technology at its heart.

Most importantly, engineers need the right tools to produce the data and knowledge they need to determine the outcome of the business. Ninety -three percent say they need to be able to monitor and evaluate their entire IT team and apply technology to business outcomes in order to function as an elite engineer. In all areas, looking at fullness is seen as an important part of their efforts to bring about lasting change to their organization.

The main idea in IT departments today is the time to get back on the first leg, let go of the fire of the past two years and allow a creative and creative approach to work. new. Companies have realized that they need to re -create faster and rethink their applications in order to meet the changing needs of end users. And this change will provide an ideal platform for engineers to accelerate their careers to the pinnacle of their careers.

Technologists are looking to the future with optimism. Ninety -seven percent say they are happy with the idea of ​​becoming an Agent of Transformation. After the hard work and dedication of the past two years, the engineers are ready to seize the future and become Agents of Transformation. And that is good news for all of us.

One in ten technologies works as Agents of Transformation, but more need to step up to launch a new wave of innovation.

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