Olympics-Gymnastics-Chances for medals outnumber US women over Russians and China

Tokyo 2020 Olympics-Gymnastics-Gymnastics-Women’s Team-Qualifications-Ariake Gymnastics Center, Tokyo, Japan-July 25, 2021. Snisa Lee of the United States and Simone Bills of the United States hug each other during the competition.Reuters / Dylan Martinez

July 26, 2021

Karen Brown

(Reuters) – The start of women’s gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics was usually disappointing for the dominant US team, but Americans still have more medal-winning opportunities than any other country.

Russians competing as the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) as part of several doping scandal sanctions entered the team finals on Tuesday after a holiday for US star Simone Biles. ..

However, the US women’s qualifying efforts have made it possible to win medals 11 times at the Tokyo Olympics. This includes team events, two in all rounds and two in each of the four equipment finals.

The ROC had only one gymnast in the balance beam final, so it could win up to 10 medals, and China has the next highest medal chance with seven.

Of the top 12 teams in qualifying, the top 8 teams advanced to the team finals, and the top 24 all-round gymnasts and the top 8 teams from each device advanced to their respective finals.

However, there are two rules for each country. This means that only two athletes per delegation can advance to the device or all-round final to win medals.

Biles is the only male or female gymnast, aiming to leave Tokyo with medals in all areas. But medals on uneven bars are her biggest challenge, even in a nearly perfect routine.

Her bar is below the world’s highest ratings, including teammate Snisa Lee and Belgium’s Nina Derwael, who is in the top two of the Sunday finals. Dawael is a two-time world champion at this event.

Beam Gold is also a bile test against China’s top qualifying Kanman, who has the highest score. Biles did not qualify for her more difficult, eponymous disembarkation, but doing so in the finals would increase her chances.

Biles was the top qualifier in all-round and vault, but she has a fresh shot in everything because the qualifying score is not brought to the finals.

If Biles misses a gold medal or podium, she feels more prepared to deal with public disappointment than when she was in Rio 2016, where she finished third on the balance beam after the error.

“I was very happy with the bronze, but I wasn’t happy because no one else was happy with me,” she said earlier this year in a Facebook Watch documentary, “Simonevs Herself.”

“This time it’s really for me. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. It feels good.”

(Report by Karen Brown, Fort Collins, Colorado; edited by Kenferis)

Olympics-Gymnastics-Chances for medals outnumber US women over Russians and China

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