Olympic Boxing Champion Claressa Shields Wins MMA Debut at TKO | Claressa Shields

Olympic boxing champion Claressa Shields did a short job for Britney Elkin, and beginners in mixed martial arts may have a sporting future with a TKO victory on Thursday night at the main event of the Profighters League Card. I proved that I couldn’t do it.

“I haven’t lost this fight,” said the undefeated boxer. “I moved myself with those big right hands. My right hand has never failed me.

Shields proved to be good at unleashing the blow of mixed martial arts in a £ 155 lightweight battle. She slowly shook off the first two rounds before hitting Elkin to the ground, requiring several heavy shots to do decisive damage. She won the third round at 1:44 with her right hand.

“I feel like I’m dreaming. This is crazy,” she said.

Shield threw away some of the flashy outfits she wore in boxing (she’s 11-0) and made a bright red trunk and top. She still wore her hair in a blue ponytail, raising awareness of the years of clean water battles in her hometown of Flint, Michigan.

She has already won light middleweight, middleweight and super middleweight crowns in her boxing career and was the fastest fighter in the history of men or women to become a world champion in three categories. Shields started MMA training in December.

Shields calls himself GWOAT, the greatest woman ever, at least in boxing. In mixed martial arts, her lack of experience manifested early on. Elkin lowered the shield early in the first round and mounted her while tapping on the rookie’s face. Shields suffered more in one round than he did in most of his professional boxing career.

Elkin gained a lot of rights early in the second, but rarely rattled the shield. Elkin returned to Mount and carried a career boxer on his back. Shields avoided trouble in the second half of the second and missed the wild by swinging just before connecting to the headshot setting the stage for the third round.

“I kept hitting her, I kept hitting her,” Shields said. “I told myself. Keep hitting her until she quits.”

Shields won the Olympic gold medal in London in 2012 and repeated this feat in Rio de Janiero four years later.

Shields has cut a wide range of fans. Dwight Howard of the Philadelphia 76ers Center wrote on Instagram “Let’s Go Champion,” and actor Rosie Perez tweeted, “Good luck tonight.” Ray Lewis, who was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, holds a stake in the PFL and is a member of the Advisory Board. Looking at Cageside, he praised Shield’s decision to move to MMA during the height of his boxing career.

“The genius of a transitioning champion is to start over and not worry about it,” Lewis said. “Many people are afraid to start over. They end their career, I’m stuck, I’m fine. But when you make that transition, you’re something else I’m chasing something. I think she’s chasing something else, and it’s good to see. She loves to adapt to it. “

CEO Peter Murray said Shields will fight for the PFL again this year before the 2022 decision is made. “This is just her first step to prove that she really has what she needs to make 22 seasons,” Murray said. ..

One of 2022’s potential dream matches at PFL is Shields fighting Kayla Harrison. Harrison, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, has appeared as the face of the PFL. Harrison (9-0) will fight again on June 25th.

“I think it’s a pay-per-view battle,” Murray said. “It starts tonight.”

Unlike other MMA organizations, PFL uses a seasonal format, with playoffs and a Championship Fight Night that awards $ 1 million to each of the six weight class champions.

Olympic Boxing Champion Claressa Shields Wins MMA Debut at TKO | Claressa Shields

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