Officials say 46 people were found dead in a truck in San Antonio

Another 16 people were taken to local hospitals.

SAN ANTONIO – 46 people were found dead from heat-related injuries inside a semi-truck in the far southwest of San Antonio on Monday night, and federal authorities launched an investigation.

Charles Hood, chief of the San Antonio Fire Department, said 16 more people were taken to local hospitals. 12 of them are adults and four are “pediatric” patients.

On Tuesday morning, Baptist Hospital confirmed that two people had died and three were in critical condition. This will bring the confirmed death toll to 48.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said the three had been taken into custody, but it was not immediately clear if they were “completely involved.”

“The plight of asylum seekers is always a humanitarian crisis. Tonight we are facing a terrible human tragedy, “said San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg.

The nationality and age of the victims have not been confirmed. If confirmed, the incident would be the deadliest in US history.

Hood said those taken to hospitals suffered from heatstroke and fatigue, adding that the truck did not have “water marks” or running air conditioning.

“We shouldn’t open the truck and see the piles of bodies there,” the fire chief added. “None of these people were able to get themselves out of the truck, so when we helped, they were still there and waiting for help. It came. The situation is too weak to get out and help themselves.”

McManus, meanwhile, said he expects efforts to ensure that everyone in the car stays up until the next hours and days.

“Our K-9s went through the woods and I have to do it again in the light of day tomorrow,” he said.

Heavy law enforcement officers from more than 20 ambulances were deployed to Quintana Road and Cassin Drive around 6 p.m. and approached the semi-truck. At least 60 firefighters, as well as 10 medical units intervened.

The Baptist Medical Center in downtown San Antonio told KENS 5 that it had received five patients, all with serious injuries. At least three people were taken to the Methodist Health Center in Alamo, and the Texas Vista Medical Center treated a 32-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman. University Hospital also serves two patients; A 23-year-old woman is in critical condition and a teenage boy is in critical condition. They said: “We are heartbroken by the loss of life found in the tractor trailer last night and we are grateful to everyone who reacted to this horrific sight.”

Nirenberg said that although migrants of other nationalities and asylum seekers tended to travel through San Antonio to their next destination, Monday’s discovery was “very different from what we saw.”

“It’s tragic,” he said. “Our focus right now is to try to help them as much as we can.”

Congressman Joaquin Castro said Monday night He said he had contacted the secretary of internal security and that the agency was “trying to alert their families, find everyone responsible for this crime and investigate what happened.” The FBI in San Antonio is also assisting in the investigation.

CONTACT: Texas leaders react to 46 bodies found inside semi-truck in San Antonio

Antonio Fernandez, director general of the Catholic Charity, was at the scene and told Henry Ramos of KENS 5, “We know a lot of people have been taken to hospitals.”

“We’re just trying to gather as much information as possible and see how we can help survivors,” Fernandez said. “I’m not really sure if those people will need a place to sleep tonight or what will happen. We’re trying to find as much information as we can to help them.”

He said his organization would be ready to provide food or clothing to the survivors.

“Right now,” he added, “we’re just waiting for the police to tell us exactly what we can do.”

Homeland Security officials said in a statement that “the details will be disclosed as they exist.”


Officials say 46 people were found dead in a truck in San Antonio

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