Officially, there are only 225 immigrants left in the Texas border town.

Del Rio, Texas (AP) — Only 225 migrants remained in the Texas border camp, with nearly 15,000 Haitian migrants seeking asylum a few days ago, the authorities elected by Val Verde County’s highest election. Said on Friday.

Judge Luis Owens County told the Associated Press in a text message that all migrants would be removed by the end of the day. False information about social media has converged across the border between Del Rio, Texas and Ciudad Real Madrid, Mexico.

Many are facing expulsion as the Biden administration has not recently applied protection to more than 100,000 Haitian immigrants in the United States. Many left their homes after the 2010 catastrophic earthquake because of security concerns and social unrest in the Western Hemisphere. The poorest country.

The U.S. and Mexico have caused widespread anger after the resignation of the U.S. envoy to Haiti and the appearance of the image that border guards are maneuvering horses to forcibly block and move immigrants. He seemed keen to end the increasingly politicized humanitarian situation.

On Friday, President Joe Biden said the way agents used their horses was “terrible” and as a result “people would pay.” Agents were assigned to administrative duties while the administration was investigating.

“” There will be results, “Biden told reporters. “It’s embarrassing, but it’s more than embarrassing. It’s dangerous and wrong. Send the wrong message all over the world and send the wrong message at home. It’s just who we are. Not. “

Meanwhile, Homeland Security says nearly 2,000 Haitians have been expelled by plane rapidly since Sunday under the power of a pandemic that denies people the opportunity to seek asylum. Approximately 3,900 people were being processed for possible returns to Haiti or proceedings in US immigration courts. Others were released in the United States after being notified to appear in court or report to the Immigration Bureau. Thousands have returned to Mexico.

US officials said Thursday that they expect the camp to be empty in about two days. Officials had direct knowledge, but were not allowed to speak publicly. The Department of Homeland Security planned to send up to seven flights daily, but due to contractor issues and mechanical delays, it only flew three on Wednesday and five on Thursday, officials said. Seven flights were scheduled for Haiti on Friday, six on Saturday, and seven on Sunday.

And in Mexico, more than 100 migrants, most of them single men, stayed in a riverside camp in Ciudad Real Madrid on Friday morning.

Dozens of families there returned to Del Rio overnight after Mexican authorities left the area. As the river rose, some border guard agents helped families struggling to cross with their children.

Some immigrants have also moved to small hotels and private homes in Ciudad Real Madrid. Authorities detained six migrants at once on Thursday afternoon.

Luxon, a 31-year-old Haitian immigrant who withdrew his surname because of fear, said he and his wife and son would leave for Mexicali, about 900 miles west along the Mexican California border. Stated.

“The option was to go to a place where there are few people and demand documents that are legal in Mexico,” he said.

Asked about the situation in Ciudad Real Madrid on Friday, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said, “I don’t want Mexico to be an immigration camp. I want to address the issue completely.”

Some Haitians are allowed to stay in the United States at least temporarily, either to seek asylum or to stay under other right to housing claims, and will later be notified by the Immigration Bureau. increase. Homeland Security officials refused to identify the numbers, but they have certain “vulnerabilities”: pregnant, have young children, or have them in the United States, especially during a pandemic. He says he has no ability to detain him.

The government has no plans to stop expelling others for public health reasons, despite pressure from Democrats saying that migrants have been sent back to problematic countries that left more than a decade ago.

In March 2020, the Trump administration enacted a policy justifying a restrictive immigration policy to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The Biden administration used it to justify the deportation of Haitian migrants.

Late last week, a federal judge found the rule inappropriate and gave the government two weeks to suspend it, but the Biden administration appealed.

Officials said the U.S. State Department is in talks with Brazil and Chile to allow Haitians who previously lived there to return, but it is complicated because some of them no longer have legal status. Is.

The Biden administration’s special envoy for Haiti, Daniel Harrington, submitted his resignation on Thursday protesting the “inhumane” massive expulsion of Haiti immigrants.

Foot, appointed in July, told Secretary of State Antony Blinken that he had immediately resigned “with deep disappointment and apology to those seeking significant change.”

“I have nothing to do with the US inhumane and unproductive decision to deport thousands of Haiti refugees and illegal immigrants to Haiti.” I wrote in our policy approach to Haiti. My policy proposal was ignored and rejected if it had a major flaw and was not edited to project a story different from mine. “

Career diplomats were known to be deeply dissatisfied with his thoughts on the lack of urgency in Washington and the ice age pace of efforts to improve the situation in Haiti.

State Department spokesman Ned Price disputed Foot’s claim, saying his proposal was “well considered in a rigorous and transparent policy process.”

“Some of these proposals were determined to be detrimental to our commitment to promoting democracy in Haiti and were rejected during the policy process. He says his proposal was ignored. It’s just wrong, “Price said.

Humanitarian group UNICEF also blamed the expulsion, saying Thursday that more than two in three migrants exiled to Haiti showed women and children, including newborns.

“Haiti is recovering from the triple tragedy of natural disasters, gang violence and the COVID-19 pandemic,” said UNICEF Executive Secretary Henrietta Fore. — The factors that drove them to the transition in the first place. “

And Rev. Al Sharpton, a civil rights leader who visited the camp on Thursday, witnessed “real catastrophic and human shame” and “standing with us, asylum in one direction and one. Make sure you are treated in the direction. ” “

Officially, there are only 225 immigrants left in the Texas border town.

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