NYPD brings 900 new executives in the next two months after budget cuts, high retirement numbers

The New York Police Department has announced that it will add 900 officers in the coming months after previously postponing or canceling hiring classes due to budgetary conflicts and issues related to the new coronavirus pandemic.

The New York Police Department, which is said to be the largest police department in the country, announced on Monday that it will start recruiting new recruits scheduled to be hired “in stages from December 29”. The news arrives just over a week after announcing that the department is fighting a number of shots that have risen to “invisible levels in a few years.”

The sector has faced high retirement numbers over the past few months as police demoralization and anti-police rhetoric surged following several prominent deaths and shootings involving police.

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“The establishment of this new class is welcome news. These police officers will begin the 2021 calendar year by continuing the department’s mission to engage with the community while focusing on the driving force of crime,” police said. Secretary Dermotsia said in an email press release. “Once they graduate, each of these officers will play an important role in the police in the neighborhood, ensuring that residents of all five districts experience the level of public security they deserve.”

After treating a patient during the NYPD coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the U.S. Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort departed Manhattan’s Pier 90 under thick fog and returned to their hometown of Norfolk, Virginia, to NYPD. Police officers pay tribute. City New York, USA, April 30, 2020. (REUTERS / Lucas Jackson)

In July, New York City lawmakers approved a budget to shift $ 1 billion from police to education and social welfare next year. Under the approved budget, reductions include cancellation of about 1,200 police recruitment classes set for the month, halving overtime costs, relocation of police from administrative functions to patrols, and cross-school security. It comes from the end of police responsibility for working with personnel and the homeless.

Police will also relinquish the security controls of public schools that the NYPD took over from the Ministry of Education in 1998.

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Other cuts have been made to NYPD’s capital budget, including canceling plans to build a new police station in Queens and spending the money to build a community center instead.

The NYPD budget is currently around $ 6 billion, and shared city costs such as pensions have increased by billions of dollars.

Shea announced in October that it would add an additional 900 officers to the NYPD’s November 2020 Academy class. He said at the time, 900 police officers would increase the number of department uniforms to 35,100. This will be reduced from 36,900 uniformed personnel in 2019.

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In an October announcement, he cited losses from “budget cuts and cuts.”

According to the New York Post, NYPD had 34,184 uniformed police officers as of Monday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

NYPD brings 900 new executives in the next two months after budget cuts, high retirement numbers

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