NTSB issues safety warnings for defects in subways and rail overwheels

The National Transportation Safety Board issued a safety warning to the subway system and commuter rail on Wednesday about the wheelset problem that caused the derailment in the national capital, making it difficult and potentially catastrophic to detect flaws. Said there is.

The investigative agency has released a preliminary report of an ongoing investigation into the October 12 accident involving the Washington subway system, excluding other factors such as speed.

The NTSB said that defects in the wheel and axle assembly of rail vehicles are “not easily identifiable” by regular visual checks, and that transportation is in compliance with recent Federal Transportation Authority directives. I asked to check if it was out of alignment. Homendi urged early in the investigation. The NTSB has expanded the warning to include commuter trains that are not fully covered by FTA orders.


Some transportation and railroads say they did the check, and the problem doesn’t seem to apply to them, but the NTSB emphasized the need for vigilance.

According to the safety warning, “Wheel movement derailments can be catastrophic.”

Most of Washington’s metro fleet was shut down from mid-October after a train slipped off the track at the Blue Line near Arlington National Cemetery. The car derailed and then reconnected to the rails alone before the second and third derailments during the trip, according to the NTSB’s report on Wednesday. Some passengers were trapped in a dark train car tunnel and had to evacuate on foot.

After the accident, the NTSB discovered the chronic problem that the wheels of Metro’s latest railroad car, the 7000 Series, spread too far on the axles, causing the vehicle to go off track. This issue has been apparent to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority since 2017, but neither the NTSB nor the WMATA Board has been notified. At the location of the derailment, the NTSB said the maximum allowed speed was 59 mph. Preliminary data from the in-flight event recorder showed that the train speed was below that at about 33 mph.


“NTSB is concerned that Car 7200 was derailed three times on the day of the accident and was driven with a wheelset that did not meet the specifications … There were no noticeable signs of a problem warning the train driver. “.” Alert said. “The derailment may have been caused by the movement of the wheels on the axle, but it should never occur.”

Washington Metro is expected to operate significantly reduced services, at least until the end of the year.

“Safety alerts identify the problem of wheelset movement of transport vehicles and commuter railroads as a serious problem,” said Robert Hall, head of the NTSB’s Rail, Pipeline, and Dangerous Goods Investigation Board. increase. “As we continue to investigate this derailment, it is imperative to address identified safety issues immediately to protect Americans traveling daily on our transportation system. ”


Authorities investigate whether the defective wheelset is the result of a design defect or assembly error, evaluate the response from the rail traffic controller, and see if other types of rail vehicles have similar problems. He said he would try to identify.

Safety concerns are that public transport will regain passengers and build expanded routes under President Joe Biden’s new infrastructure law a year after the COVID-19 pandemic drastically reduced passenger numbers. Working for In Washington, the overall number of riders remained at about 30% of pre-pandemic levels, but was expected to increase with the reopening of offices and tourism.

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NTSB issues safety warnings for defects in subways and rail overwheels

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