Notre Dame stopped the Texas attack, winning 7-3 in the CWS opening

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) – John Michael Bertrand and two relivers controlled Texas’ strong attack, and Notre Dame scored every goal in Friday’s 7-3 win in their first College World Series game in 20 years.

The Irish (41-15) accelerated their pace by eliminating Tennessee, the No. 1 national seed in the super-regions, with a strong all-around performance against the program, which made its record 38th appearance in Omaha.

Notre Dame will play Oklahoma on Sunday. Longhorns (47-21) will face Texas A&M in the qualifiers.

Bertrand (10-3), who was rough in the start against Tennessee last week, limited the Longhorns to three runs in six shots in 5 1/3 shots. Alex Rao and Jack Findlay did not hit 3 1/3 shots, Findlay won his fourth save.

Irish Texas starter Pete Hansen (11-3) scored six runs in nine shots. They scored Jared Miller’s home run in the first shot, the RBI’s main shot in the third, and a safety jam in the fourth, and Tristan Stevens scored three more goals in the fifth in the singles and in a few singles.

In the ninth, Carter Putz’s Homer gave the Irish a four-run advantage.

The Longhorns came to Omaha with a program record of 128 homers, most of them between CWS teams and fourth in the national team, and scored three or more in each of the previous four games.

They scored a total of six singles against Ireland and were the only team not to score a homer in the first two CWS games.

Douglas Hodo II had an RBI single, and the Longhorns scored in a crowded game and in the wild.

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Texas and Notre Dame trade runs on security squeeze games.

Dylan Campbell of Longhorn came home behind Eric Kennedy in third. Bertrand picked it up and threw Campbell into second place for power instead of trying to catch him on the plate.

Fourth, Hansen Spencer spun to catch Silas Ardoi after hitting Myer, but Irishman Jack Brannigan was able to touch the plate with his hand shortly before Ardoi’s sweeping label. Brannigan was initially summoned, but after watching the video, it was decided that he was safe.

Notre Dame stopped the Texas attack, winning 7-3 in the CWS opening

Source link Notre Dame stopped the Texas attack, winning 7-3 in the CWS opening

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