“Not here, never before”: Governor Desantis on the challenge of Florida’s women’s sports justice law

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis remains at the forefront of conservative, public policy, and title IX protection, born biologically male to girls and women in Florida sports, even in the face of lawsuits and cancellations. We guarantee that you don’t have to compete with transgender women. Culture Call.

At a press conference on Tuesday at the Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida, DeSantis said, “When you play sports, go on biology, not on ideology.” , Defines the student’s biological gender based on the student’s official birth certificate at birth.

“And as part of the bill we sign today, we not only ensure that women have scholarships and the highest level of competitive opportunities, but they can also be discriminated against.”

DeSantis’ bill added that it would give discriminated girls “the right to civil remedies” and the right to file civil suits if schools and sports teams were opposed by complying with the law.

“In Florida, we’re going to do the right thing,” said Desantis. “We face businesses. They don’t determine the policies of this state. We have policies of different states. Confront groups like the NCAA who think they should be able to make a decision.

“Not here, never before”

De Santis Tweeted on Tuesday After a press conference announcing the ban:

“The Women’s Sports Fairness Act empowers women and girls in Florida to compete on equal stadiums, which will allow opportunities such as college scholarships for female athletes in the coming years. It helps to ensure that you are protected across the board. “

The bill banning transgender women from participating in Florida sports will face legal challenges from the LGBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign.

“This upcoming proceeding in Florida by the Human Rights Campaign will take place in states across the United States as transgender sports bans are being taken up and passed,” the HRC statement said. “Today’s bill was signed by Governor DeSantis on the first day of LGBTQ Pride Month, within 12 days of the anniversary of the pulse shootings in Orlando, Florida.”

HRC President Alphonso David calls the ban “discriminatory” and suggests that legislation that protects the impartiality of biologically born girls and women hampers transgender rights.

“Lawers across the country who support these bills have failed to give examples of state issues trying to justify these attacks on transgender youth, fueled by discriminatory intent. It reveals the reality that it is not endorsed by the facts, “said HRC, the statement continued.

The statement filed a federal proceeding, alleging that it had lost the opportunity to compete in fair competition and that it may have lost the opportunity to scholarship at the university that underlies Title IX protection in the U.S. Constitution. Do not allow Connecticut schoolgirl proceedings.

“Governor, Desantis and Florida lawmakers are legislating on false and discriminatory assumptions that endanger the safety and well-being of transgender children,” the HRC statement continued.

“Transgender kids are kids and transgender girls are girls. Like all kids, they deserve the opportunity to play sports with friends and be part of a team. Transgender Young people must not be deprived of the opportunity to learn important skills in good health and sportsmanship: competition and teamwork. “

DeSantis has made it clear that transgender women are not banned from sports, but are detained solely to participate in sports of biologically born gender.

“We believe it is very important that the integrity of these competitions be maintained and that these opportunities be protected,” said DeSantis. “In Florida, girls play girls’ sports. , Boys will start playing boys’ sports. That’s what we’re doing and we’re trying to make it a reality.

Conflicts in transgender rights in girls and sports are likely to go to court before Congress deliberates to define a stadium for girls and women’s sports.

DeSantis warned companies and activists who violated the law, noting that it could even be effective in coping with the recession of women’s opportunities in sports.

“In return, if I lose one or two events, I want to protect the girl every day and twice on Sunday,” DeSantis concludes.

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“Not here, never before”: Governor Desantis on the challenge of Florida’s women’s sports justice law

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