Northern Lights in LA? Don’t fall for a bad April Fool’s joke

Will sapphire blue and electric green light swirl across the US Bank Tower and the rest of the downtown LA skyline tonight?

A prominent Instagram account with nearly a million followers claimed in a post published Friday morning that the Northern Lights “will shine bright enough to be seen dancing over Los Angeles tonight.”

The mail on the account @losangelesbucketlist continued, “LA will have a city ordinance for the skyline to turn off their non-essential lights at exactly 11:50 p.m.”

If you’re thinking LA will soon be adorned by the wonders of the Aurora Borealis – typically seen in far northern places like Alaska and Norway – check your calendar.

As many Instagram users noted, the post was a hoax in honor of April Fool’s Day. “You guys had me for a second,” one user commented, while another said, “I hate that this is a joke.”

Angelenos aren’t the only ones fooled by bucket listers who run @losangelesbucketlist. Similar posts were sent to the brand’s other accounts, including @chicagobucketlist, @nybucketlist and @miamibucketlist.

Bucket Listers admits the joke at the bottom of an article on its website, which it links to in its Instagram bio. “This entire article is an April Fool’s joke. But you never know!” Bucket Lister writes.

The Los Angeles Bucket List post mentions “a Griffith Observatory live stream” of the Northern Lights. Of course this is not in the works.

“I can say with authority that we have no such livestream planned,” wrote Mark Pine, associate director of the Griffith Observatory, via email. “If something like that was actually visible, the Griffith Observatory would definitely promote it.”

However, if the joke made you wish you had a glimpse into the cosmos, Pine has good news: “We’re having our monthly All Space Considered broadcast tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Northern Lights in LA? Don’t fall for a bad April Fool’s joke

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