North Korean defectors warn of similarities in “Marxism” between call-out culture and the Kim administration

Following a recent interview with FoxNews.com, a North Korean woman in exile in the United States escaped from the growing attention of call-out culture and the leftist intention to divide people by race. He said it clearly reminded him of the administration.

Park Yeon-mi (27) escapes from the Elmit Kingdom and trek through the Gobi Desert to the United States after being sold to sex slaves and placed on the dictator Kim Jong-un’s “murder list” on Monday. He said he could. The nation she presumed was a free society in which her expression was not censored or exacerbated.

She told host Sean Hannity that from an early age North Korean children were instructed to equate the term “American” with persona as “bastard.” Nevertheless, she has come to secretly admire the United States from afar – from a country where even hints of Western influence can be met with severe criminal punishment.

“I fell in love with this country. It’s a wonderful country,” she said, flooding with memories of the society she left shortly after enrolling at Columbia University in Morningside Heights, New York City. He added.

“Literally, all professors have blamed white men for the problems we have in today’s world. [and] How they colonized Africa [and] Asia, that’s how they ruin everything, they need to be blamed-and I couldn’t believe it. “

“Even North Korea wasn’t this nut,” said a North Korean asylum seeker after attending an Ivy League school.

“I was sitting in a North Korean classroom or in an American classroom. I couldn’t believe why people hated their people so much.”

Park instilled her college curriculum and hatred for white Americans in a discontinued speech in the name of a “safe place,” reminding North Korea of ​​the “American bastard” indoctrination. Said that.

“My enemy was once Kim Jong Un. I was on the list of long pension Jong Un murders because I said. The former family was punished, but now, ironically, with many Marxists. There are Communists, Maoists and Leninists, who are now threatening me with murder, “she continued, calling the US cancellation culture a sad” irony. “

She added that she was afraid to speak her mind in public, especially on campus, because of call-out culture.

“I crossed the Gobi Desert to be free, and now I thought I live in a country where I can say what I believe and think freely.” She said.

“Colombia told us [what] We can’t speak and I’m very worried if America isn’t free. I don’t think there is any other free place left. That’s a really disturbing reason for me, “Park said.

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She has as many as 50 different social classes in North Korea, subdivided into less important details than what her great-grandfather, who may or may not have pleased the Jin dynasty and other organizations, did. I remembered that I was there.

She said it reminded her of a full prosecution against white Americans who claimed they were guilty of the crimes of 19th-century Southerners who owned slaves.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee also participated in Hannity, suggesting that Park travel to a college campus to talk about his experience in North Korea and the concerns she expressed.

Fox News’ Teny Sahakian contributed to this report..

North Korean defectors warn of similarities in “Marxism” between call-out culture and the Kim administration

Source link North Korean defectors warn of similarities in “Marxism” between call-out culture and the Kim administration

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