North Korea criticizes Biden

North Korea has described Joe Biden as “an old man in his old age” in a characteristic colorful personal attack on the US president after he accused the Russian leader of war crimes in Ukraine.

The case comes after Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” and called for him to be convicted of alleged atrocities against civilians in Bucha, Ukraine.

“The latest story is the US Secretary of State who spoke ill of the Russian president with unwarranted data,” the official KCNA news agency said on Saturday.

“Such careless remarks can only be made by the descendants of the Yankees, champions of aggression and conspiracy,” he added.

It described Biden as “a president known for repeated rhetoric” but stopped referring to him by name.

“The conclusion could be that there is a problem in his intellectual wards and that his careless remarks are just a show about a reckless old man in his old age,” says the commentary published on Saturday night.

“Darkness, it seems, is the future of the United States with such a weak man in power.”

Along with Beijing, Russia is one of the few international friends of the North and has previously come to the aid of the government.

Moscow has long resisted the growing pressure on North Korea’s nuclear weapons, even calling for relief from international sanctions on humanitarian grounds.

Pyongyang has also sided with Moscow in its war with Ukraine, accusing the United States of being at the “root” of the crisis.

North Korea’s state media has a long history of colorful personal attacks on foreign leaders.

Before being nominated as a candidate, Biden called him a “violent dog” who “must be beaten to death with a stick”.

Former United States President Donald Trump has been described as a “mentally insane American dotard” and his predecessors, Barack Obama and George W. Bush, a “monkey” and a “half-baked man.”

It has also criticized Park Geun-hye, the former president of South Korea, as a “witch” and a “smart prostitute”.

North Korea criticizes Biden

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