Nonprofits offer events to help children and those who support their mental health.

San Antonio – The Clarity Child Guidance Center said more children were in need of mental health care as the school returned to all students in the classroom in August. Nonprofits provide care for children aged 3 to 17 years who need support for their mental health, from ADHD to schizophrenia to suicide. The center holds a summit in November to help those who serve their children.

“Clarity con 2021 Reimagined” is a summit focused on children’s mental health and helping people. We provide participants with the opportunity to hear from those who have experienced a mental health crisis.

Among the presenters is the author, Mark Henrik. Henrik’s new memoir, So-called Ordinary: Family, Depression, and Resilience Memoirs, is about his life as a teenager and the depression and other mental illnesses he has repeatedly attempted to commit suicide. I am considering the fight against the problem.


“I wanted to write about everything that happened for a long time,” Henrik said. “Because there were six or more different hospitalizations in between, not just between the two points of the first and last attempts, all the experience up to that point wasn’t just that I committed suicide out of nowhere. And my recovery after that didn’t just happen overnight. “

Henrik said he was 12 when he first stated that he had committed suicide, despite years of struggle. Henrik said that children often don’t know how to express their feelings, and adults often reject it.

“One of the things I learned later in my teenage struggles was that it didn’t help to think of me as sick, broken, brain-damaged, sick, etc. Put you in a small silo. Put it in a bucket that is really hard to access the humanity of others, when everyone thinks you’re a broken, different, you know, defective person, “says Henrik. I did. “Instead, it was when people were able to see me in their entirety that helped me. All the factors that contributed to my struggle were not just broken bones, but vulnerable struggles anyway. I was a kid who had a lot of trauma. “


Henrik first shared his experience with Ted’s talk, which became viral. Through it, he was able to share his experience and become an advocate of mental health.

“If you want to help someone with a mental illness, look in the mirror and learn what you need as a human being,” Henrik said. “And that’s what everyone needs, whether you have a mental illness or not, and that’s a way you can help especially the kids who are really struggling.”

“Clarity con 2021: Reimagined” is scheduled for November 5th. For more information and to register for the event, please visit the Clarity Child Guidance Center.

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Nonprofits offer events to help children and those who support their mental health.

Source link Nonprofits offer events to help children and those who support their mental health.

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