Non-binary artists use fashion to fight gender identity

Dallas — For frugal Dallas shoppers like Greg Brown, it doesn’t matter if they shop in the women’s section or the men’s section. They can work in any outfit.

What you need to know

  • Greg Brown identifies as non-binary
  • Brown uses them / their pronouns
  • They believe that fashion is a great way to deal with gender discomfort.

Brown is non-binary and uses them / their pronouns.

Most of Brown’s friends call them “Hey Greg Hello”.

“I’m a person. I’m an avid philanthropist. I’m always a way to benefit my community, people like me, people who feel the same or experience some gender identity in life. I’m looking for it, “Brown said.

Greg Brown looks into the clothes rack. (Spectrum News 1 / Ashley Claster)

Being non-binary means that you feel that you don’t fit into either the male or female category. They notice that they are floating in the middle. Brown knows that non-binary is a relatively new term.

“As you know, when I came out, I had to educate my parents just because I was trying to educate the people around me who love and support me, so of course. I want them to experience me as a whole, “Brown said.

One way to express how Brown feels inside is through fashion. They drove to their favorite Dallas thrift shop and chose new clothes.

“I’m always trying to get inspiration and look at what I find on my days off,” Brown said.

The biggest advantage of the brown style is that it is not limited to one side of the store.

“Since I understood who I am, I feel like I’ve released myself just by looking at the whole store as my oyster,” they said.

Buy something that feels good on both the male and female sides.

“Exactly! After all, it’s all a social component,” Brown explained. “Similarly, it’s interesting because there are some things you’ll find in the men’s section. For example, I get something like this, and make it super oversized and belt it on. , Wear some nice heels. Fun! Fashion is fun, gender is fun. ”

Brown said clothing and fashion are great ways to deal with gender identity.

“Growing up, I came out as a gay man and lived as a gay man, and I was out in the world that way. And slowly understand, oh this is deeper. , Something else is happening. I thought this was, but it wasn’t, and the outfit I feel inside is really liberating, “they explained.

Brown wants more people to educate themselves about what it means to be non-binary, and welcomes respectful questions whenever someone really wants to learn the answer. Brown suggests starting with two simple questions when you meet someone. What is your name and what is your pronoun? It opens the door to tell you how they identify if someone feels comfortable.

Greg Brown wears shoes. (Spectrum News 1 / Ashley Claster)

Non-binary artists use fashion to fight gender identity

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