No.16 Wake Forest defeats Army 70-56 behind Hartmann

When that was over, Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson used a word to explain it: “Wow!”

Sam Hartman threw his career’s best 458 yards and five touchdowns on a large display and ran for another score. On Saturday, No. 16 Wake Forest defeated Army 70-56 and remained undefeated in front of a sold-out crowd at Michie Stadium. ..

“I felt that the last person to have the ball would win,” Clawson said. “It was as beautiful a performance as I’ve ever seen. Every time we had to play, we played. We found a way to win.”

The Army (4-3), who recorded 13 consecutive victories at Michie Stadium with three consecutive losses, has not defeated their ranked opponents since defeating the Air Force 17-14 in 1972. Still, Black Knights made a wake. Forest (7-0) wins this and matches them on the scoreboard until a costly turnover.

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Hartmann was unstoppable, rarely under pressure, completed 23 out of 29 passes and scored a pass that matched Michie Stadium’s record, hitting a touchdown pass on two of 41, 54 and 75 yards. rice field. Jaquarii Roberson had eight catches with 157 yards and three touchdowns, and AT Perry had six catches with one score of 146 yards.

The Army never took the lead, and the costly interception returns for the third quarter touchdown gave the Demon Deacon room for breathing they needed.

“The guys make the play, you throw, and it works that way,” Hartman said. “That’s the way this crime is supposed to be done.”

Two touchdown passes by Army Jabari Rose, 21 yards to Isaiah Alston in the second half of the third, 25 yards to Tyrell Robinson in the middle of the fourth, again until Hartman scored an eight-yard run. It became a one-time owned game. 6:57 left.

“There is very little room for error and it can be expensive to play ball games,” Alston said. “I’m proud of my people. We put everything in line … and just short.”

According to Elias Sports, following Pittsburgh’s 76-, the Army rushed 416 yards to 595 yards as the team combined 1,233 yards in a game involving the Atlantic Coast Conference team, which featured only one punt. It ended aggressively with. In 2016, 61 beat Syracuse.

“Yes, that was frustrating,” said Army coach Jeff Monken. “If I’m a football fan and just watching, it’s a fun crime to watch. I hate having to see it from our bystanders.”

The Army scored 28 in a one-yard touchdown run in Jacovib Cannan, and until the third quarter it was a one-ownership game.

Hartmann is back soonHit Roberson in the middle for a score of 75 yards.

Black Knights then went deeper into Wake Forest with subsequent possessions and tried some tricks in 4th and 5th. It backfired a lot when quarterback Cade Ballard lined up as a holder in his first play of the season, and the pass to the left flat was intercepted by Traveon Red, returning 83 yards with a touchdown and 42-28. Lead.

“I saw the green grass, and I just took it,” Red said.

But the big guys just kept coming.

Anthony Adkins competed for 71 yards for the Army’s score, and Hartman responded to Keshawn Williams on a 75-yard strike.

The Army faced Demon Deacon on the scoreboard in the first half, with Christian Beersmith running up the army’s gut at 13 yards, giving Wake Forest a 28-21 half-time lead with 35 seconds remaining in the second quarter. ..

Hartman led Demon Deacon to two quick scores in the first quarter, hitting Perry 50 yards down from the middle and connecting with Roberson three plays later, scoring 41 yards and leading 14-7.

Buchanan’s three-yard scoring run scored 14 points, all at the beginning of the second quarter, when Hartman connected to Perry with a 54-yard scoring pass. Perry was free and clear after the fall of Army defender Cam Jones.

The Army tied it with Tyhier Tyler’s 24-yard run at 21-21, leaving a second at 3:17. The Army failed in the fourth and second plays, but after a video review by the crew in charge, Wake Forest was punished for having too many players, and Tyler took advantage of it.

Record fall

Hartman broke the record at Michie Stadium in the passyard set in 2014 by Buffalo’s Jorikata, who threw 401 yards as an Army coach in Monken’s first match. Black Knights won 47-39.

Take away

Wake Forest: Demon Deacon is power because it’s under Hartman’s control, but defenses can’t compete with the army and face extensive testing in the Atlantic Division title race at the Atlantic Coast Conference in November. North Carolina, North Carolina State University, Clemson University.

Army: The Black Knights have demonstrated that they can play with the best programs in the country. They hurried to the highest of the season and threw three touchdowns. This is a good sign.


Wake Forest will return to the ACC action to host Duke next Saturday.

The Army took a break on November 6th at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, before facing a commander’s trophy match against military school rival Air Force. This is the first neutral site game in the series to be held at Soldier Field in Chicago since 1965.

No.16 Wake Forest defeats Army 70-56 behind Hartmann

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