No. 13 BYU spenders lead a rally to defeat USC 35-31

Brigham Young isn’t used to rallying from behind, but after a 15-point lead in the second half against Southern California on Saturday night, the 13th-placed cougar was able to return.

Jackson Matchesney’s 7-yard TD run had 3:57 left, and the Cougar defeated the Trojan 35-31 as the Red Zone stopped in the last minute. BYU (10-2) took the lead of 15 points in the third quarter, while USC took the lead of 18 points in a row.

“We stuck to the basics and regained energy. If we could do that, it would have been well organized and it was easy to get down the field,” said quarterback Jaren Hall, who completed 20 out of 32 passes at 276 yards. .. With 2 touchdowns and 2 intercepts.

BYU recorded 31-28 with 11:03 remaining after Jaeik Dart made a 10-yard touchdown pass to Gary Bryant Jr. and achieved a two-point conversion. The cougar subsequently drove to the USC 39 yard line in possession, but the hole was picked off in the end zone by Karen Brock.

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BYU forced the USC to three out, returning the ball 38 and then moving to 62 yards in six plays, culminating in a TD at Matchesney.

The USC drove to BYU15 in the last minute, but Bryant was one yard short on a pass from the 4-6 darts and turned the ball down with 38 seconds remaining when Caleb Hayes tackled.

“It looked pretty bad, but I was confident that if I regained my composure, I would be able to come back and win,” said BYU coach Kerani Shitake. “USC has brought a lot of physics to the game. We have chipped a lot of people.

“We knew we would get the best shots from USC. We had a lot to play with them.”

Tyler Argaia hastily touched down 111 yards and second quarter for the Cougars, who were undefeated in five games against the Pac-12 team this season.

USC (4-7) saw the bowl’s hope shattered after dropping five of the last six. The dirt was 23 of 45 at 248 yards with a touchdown pass and rush.

USC Interim Coach Donte Williams said, “I created a turnover, ran the ball and controlled the line of scrimmage, but in the end I made too many mistakes.”

The Trojan dragged 28-13 at the beginning of the third quarter after Kianu Hill caught a 41-yard touchdown pass from the hole.

Vavae Malepeai started the rally on the next drive with the TD on the fourth goal. With a 20-carry and 99 yards, Malepei ran to the right, repelling BYU linebacker Max Tourly’s tackle attempt and scoring from 2 yards.

Parker Lewis’s third field goal was within five points before the Trojan took the lead in a strike to Dart’s Bryant.

After USC’s Bryant returned the 62-yard opening kick-off to the BYU 34-yard line, the Trojan took a 3-0 lead in Parker Lewis’s 26-yard field goal. BYU took the lead after eight plays when the hole connected with Pukanaqua for a 28-yard touchdown.

Both Allgeier scores were obtained in the second quarter as BYU led 21-13 in halftime. The only touchdown in the first half of the USC was a dirt 5-yard keeper. While defending the shotgun snap, his knees appeared to be on the ground, but he didn’t have the ball.

Temper, Temper

Shiitake was penalized for acts against sportsmanship in the third quarter due to discussions in the field after the punt.

“I lost my composure. It wasn’t my best moment, but every coach wants to fight for their guys,” Shiitake said. “I’m glad I won the championship. It was a lot of fun.”

Take away

BYU: Not only was Cougar undefeated against the Pac-12, but this season he was 6-1 against the Power Five team.

“I have no control over what people think about our schedule. People didn’t think it was tough enough last year and those teams are doing well,” Shiitake said. .. “People thought this would be a year of reconstruction, but they seized the moment they had the opportunity.”

USC: This was the best Trojan horse saw late in the unfortunate season, especially after losing to rival UCLA 62-33 last week.


BYU: The regular season is over.

USC: I’m traveling to Cal next Saturday for the season finale. The game has been rescheduled from November 13th due to COVID-19 in Cal’s program.

No. 13 BYU spenders lead a rally to defeat USC 35-31

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