NLE Choppa responds to viral video of him and his crew jumping fans


Taking up his Twitter account, the “Walk Mdown” rapper is the fact that he was beaten by his fans, even though all his crew helped him during a physical quarrel on the beach. Disregard.

AceShowbiz -Rapper video earlier this week NLE chopper His team, which began the fight on Venice Beach, California, spread by word of mouth. The “Walk EmDown” rapper, who caught the wind of the clip, accessed his Twitter account and shared what was actually down before the physical changes.

“Damn, haven’t you hit in the fight so far?” He tweeted on Monday, May 3, mentioning that the attacked male meme managed to land a punch on the rapper’s face. Did. “Blue asked for a photo. I didn’t say I was enjoying myself. I’m scared and called Abu *** h. I try to take pictures with all my fans, but there is The day is just calming down and in the process is about to be despised. ”

NLE Chopper talked about beach fight

NLE Chopper talked about Beach Fight.

In a follow-up tweet, the NLE added, “And I eat a punch and ask me the match. Take what you gave and hurry to start hitting some.” It was. “Honestly, I just walked on the beach, so I don’t want to fight,” the hip-hop star insisted.

However, fans weren’t impressed with the explanation, as some fans were trolling the NLE over the fact that they were hit in a one-on-seven battle. “If the boys aren’t there, their heads will bounce off the promenade,” said one. Another user claimed, “In the fight, I was hit in the face, but I wasn’t fighting. I managed to hit the face because I was jumping that guy.”

Meanwhile, some others seemed to blame the fans for downplaying NLE’s personal time. “People are so weird, like how angry you are because I don’t want to take pictures with you,” said one user. “The fact that someone wanted to fight Bcu didn’t correspond to them … other adults who behave as it’s cool are even wilder.”

Seriously, one fan suggested that the NLE not get into trouble. “Don’t ruin the young man. There is a bright future in front of you and you can really take the right path in a short amount of time. Do as much as you can and not ruin your life. I want. Causes of ignorant people. Blessed companions, continue to salute, “he advised.

NLE Choppa responds to viral video of him and his crew jumping fans

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