Nicole Hannah Jones said Cuba is one of the “most equal” countries for socialism

In a podcast, 1619 project writer Nicole Hannah Jones said she believed that Cuba was the most equal country in the Western Hemisphere and could serve as a model for its integrated agenda.

In a 2019 podcast by Vox’s Ezra Klein and , Hannah-Jones was asked if there were any candidates or places she thought had a “feasible and sufficiently ambitious integration agenda.” ..

Hannah Jones, who is not an international racial expert, believes that the most “equal” and “multi-ethnic” country in the Western Hemisphere is Cuba, arguing that it is due to socialism.

“The most equal multi-ethnic country in our hemisphere, it would be Cuba,” Hannah Jones said as reported by the publication. “Cuba actually has the least inequality between blacks and whites anywhere in the hemisphere, which means that the Caribbean, most of the Caribbean, counts because the population of many whites in these countries is very small. Difficult. These countries are run by blacks, but in places that are truly interracial countries, Cuba is actually the least inequality, and it is largely due to socialism. I’m sure no one wants to hear it. “

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As reported by the National Pulse, Hannah Jones also wrote an editorial published by The Oregonian posted in 2008, where she was often overlooked in countries with very high literacy rates, low HIV. The infection rate and the “model” universal health insurance system said it had some success.

In the article, she also wrote that the Cuban Revolution led to the “end of systematic racism” and provided access to universal education and work for black Cubans.

The 1619 project, led by , delves into the impact of slavery on American history. It was led by Hannah Jones, a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and professor at Howard University.

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As Fox News previously reported, Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was accused of recent comments on Cuba.

Ocasio Cortez wrote on Twitter that the United States is contributing to suffering through the Cuban embargo. She characterized it as “ridiculously cruel.”

Republican Rep. Nicole Mario Takis, daughter of Cuban immigrants, called Ocasio Cortez “a communist sympathizer who wants to bring about socialism” in an interview with “Fox News Sunday.”

Nicole Hannah Jones said Cuba is one of the “most equal” countries for socialism

Source link Nicole Hannah Jones said Cuba is one of the “most equal” countries for socialism

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