Nicolas Cage “Mistaken for a Homeless Man” Evicted from a Las Vegas Restaurant

Drunk and barefoot-looking Nicolas Cage was reportedly kicked out of a Las Vegas restaurant after eating beef with his staff.

Sun has released a short video of the actor sitting on the couch in Raleigh’s prime rib and muttering. According to reports, he was “misunderstood as a homeless man” by his restaurant colleagues because of his disfigurement.

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“We were at that bar in Lawry’s when we first thought of a completely drunk and violent homeless man,” a source told Sun. “Our shock was Nicolas Cage. He was completely destroyed and started a bit of a fight with the staff.”

The video showed the Oscar winners being taken out of the restaurant struggling to stay upright. He seemed to be trying to re-enter, but a woman blocked the door.

“He was really terrible and was walking around without shoes,” a source said. “The staff said they had dropped a shot of tequila and the 1980 Macallan whiskey.”

The incident, which reportedly happened on September 13, occurs only a few months after Nick (57) married his fifth wife, Riko Shibata (26). It doesn’t look like Rico was with him at a restaurant just east. Of the Las Vegas Strip.

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“He was yelling at people and trying to join the fight, but the staff asked him to leave,” said a source in Lawry’s. “He was so drunk that he could hardly wear flip-flops before being accompanied. He asked us if we wanted to return to his place, but he was in bad condition. So I thought it wasn’t a good idea. Some of the regulars ended up taking him home. “

The “national treasure” star has a history of acting in public. He is also famous for causing the scene in 2019 while filling out a marriage document with his fourth wife soon. He claimed in the video that “her ex was a pharmacy” and that she was “trying to rob me of all my money.” At that time, Erica Koike, her fourth wife immediately after the explosion, told Nick, “I have never asked for this.”

In 2018, Nick told the Guardian that he needed to constantly work to avoid that.

“Without a place and work to go in the morning, it can be very self-destructive,” he said. “Then I would sit down and order two bottles of red wine and melt them. I don’t want to be that person, so I have to work.”

Nicolas Cage’s “Mistaken for a Homeless Man” post, kicked out of a Las Vegas restaurant, first appeared on Wonderwall.com.

Nicolas Cage “Mistaken for a Homeless Man” Evicted from a Las Vegas Restaurant

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