NHS Covid App: Contact Alerts Set New Highs for Christmas

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The number of contact alerts issued by the NHS Covid-19 app surged towards Christmas, with weekly aggregations exceeding those recorded during the so-called pindemic last summer.

According to NHS data, the app sent record 699,282 contact notifications to users in England and Wales in the seven days from the beginning of November to December 22nd, rising weekly. This includes 26,065 in Wales, nearly double the previous highest weekly aggregate recorded in the previous week: 14,984.

That number rose further to 31,499 in the last full week of 2021. Over the same period, 555,923 contact alerts were issued across the UK, bringing the total to 587,422.

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We haven’t seen such a large number of alerts since early summer, weeks before almost all restrictions on business and social interaction were lifted on July 19. During the seven days ending July 21, the previous week’s high of 690,711 was recorded.

The number of alerts dropped sharply from this point, dropping to almost half of the following week and leveling off in September and October, ranging from 125,000 to 150,000 per week. After a slight increase thereafter, in the week leading up to December 15, the number increased significantly to 458,842, an increase of almost 200,000 compared to the previous week.

After the app seemed to be turned off in large numbers in the summer, December statistics show that as a precautionary measure, many may have re-enabled contact tracing software, perhaps in the light of the rise of the Omicron variant. It suggests that there is. Prompted by visiting loved ones during the festival or by enacting Government Plan B measures.

In response to inquiries from PublicTechnology, The UK Health Security Agency has shown that no technical changes have been made to the functionality of the app. This could have significantly increased contact notifications. Instead, the number of alerts issued in a particular week was due to a wider range of factors, such as the number of cases and the prevalence of social mix.

A spokeswoman added: “The NHS Covid-19 app is an important tool to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 by preventing thousands of cases and alerting people when they may have come into contact with confirmed cases. Is an important part of the pandemic response and helps protect loved ones and reduce the spread of the coronavirus. We recommend that you continue to use it as another tool to keep us all safe. . “

Technology has played an increasingly peripheral role as both vaccination levels and the availability of rapid testing have improved, but government messages continue to talk about the importance of apps.

In a recently published distribution plan covering late summer and autumn strategies, the government said: Adapting the virus to accommodate the virus infection, the changing policy environment in step 4. ” “Contact tracking will continue and companies are strongly encouraged to continue to display QR codes and collect customer contact details. [Although] The legal requirement to do so will be abolished. “

NHS Covid App: Contact Alerts Set New Highs for Christmas

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