NHS App: Government is considering vaccine status options for clinical trial participants

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The government is investigating the possibility of including tens of thousands of citizens vaccinated as part of clinical trials in the NHS app’s vaccination status certification.

Approximately 30,000 people are participating in Phase 3 clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccine across the UK. This includes 10,754 people involved in the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine study and about 6,000 people who participated in the single-shot Janssen vaccine test.

Since then, both of these have been approved for use in the United Kingdom.

An additional 11,955 were involved in the Novavax vaccine trial, which has been reported to be more than 90% effective and is expected to be approved in the coming days or weeks.

However, unlike citizens vaccinated as part of an ongoing national vaccination program, citizens vaccinated as part of these trials are currently unable to show their status through the NHS app. ..

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According to Vaccine Minister Nadym Zahawi, these people will need to contact the organizers of the trials they participated in and request a written certificate if they want to prove the status of the vaccine.

However, the government is considering ways to provide this information via the NHS app and hard copy options for those who do not have digital access.

“People participating in the UK vaccination study can request a letter from the study they are participating in to confirm vaccination status, including vaccine type and dose information,” Zahawi said. Told. “The government is looking for ways to link vaccine information for people in clinical trials to NHS apps and non-digital solutions.”

The minister was answering parliamentary questions from Tory lawmaker Desmond Swayne and Labor Navendu Mishra.

Another inquiry from former Brexit Secretary David Davis said, “What is your rating … [been] Made from the impact of the storage of vaccination data in the NHS app on the freedom of the public. “

“If an individual uses the NHS app to indicate the status of the Covid-19 vaccine, the data will not be stored within the app, but will be temporarily available to the app without access to the general practitioner’s records. “Patient Safety Minister Nadine Dorries said. In response to the. “Covid-19 status data can be viewed during” live “access and is temporarily retained during login. “

She added: “The data protection impact assessment of the COVID-19 Vaccine Status Service provided through the NHS App has been completed to assess and mitigate privacy and data security risks, including risks to civilian freedom. In addition, it has been protected. Full equality and health impact assessments have been completed on digital and non-digital routes of certification services prior to national launch to assess the impact of products on characteristic groups. Data protection and equality, And assessments of health effects will continue to be reviewed during the development of the service. “

NHS App: Government is considering vaccine status options for clinical trial participants

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