NFL without quarterback?The League’s Covid-19 issue is just beginning | Denver Broncos

TPrior to the Denver Broncos-New Orleans Saints match on Sunday, there was no lack of fun here. On Saturday, all four Broncos quarterbacks were excluded. Jeff Driskel tested positive for Covid-19, and the other quarterbacks were unmasked and considered “close contact.” Broncos naturally panicked. First they asked the NFL to postpone the game. was denied. They then asked the league if it was an option given that former college quarterback aggressive quality control coach Ron Carabrese was familiar with the team’s playbook. It was rejected again. From the options, Broncos finally settled on the wide receiver Kendall Hinton. Kendall Hinton is a member of the undrafted rookie practice team who played quarterbacks in college.

We didn’t know what to expect. Perhaps Broncos will introduce a new brand of attack that is sweeping the league. Or it may not be.

Watching an NFL team play without an actual quarterback is like watching someone driving a car who doesn’t know how to drive. They may know the location of the pedals, but be careful about U-turns and lane changes.

Not surprisingly, Saints routed Broncos 31-3. There is no way to exaggerate how much fun building this game is than the experience of seeing it. Hinton gracefully took the field for his honor. He is just a kid trying to take action. He wasn’t begging his coach to switch positions. Anyway, poor Hinton completed one pass at 13 yards and threw two pass cuts.

And the viewer learned an important lesson. Watching an NFL game without a quarterback is a terrible anxiety-inducing experience.

The NFL has a deeper lesson. The league is a powerful and prosperous organization, but it can’t beat the rampaging Covid-19 in the United States. Positive rates are skyrocketing nationwide, with 150,000 to 200,000 new cases reported daily. The rest of the NFL season is a horrifying and difficult time to try and squeeze. The situation in Broncos was unusual because everything in the quarterback was involved, but despite the strict protocol, all teams have been hit by Covid. There is no guarantee that the Broncos situation will not be repeated elsewhere.

We are just the beginning of the holiday wave and have already had a serious impact on the balance between quality of play and competitiveness. The undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers lost their Thanksgiving mini-buy after the Baltimore Ravens Covid outbreak. The San Francisco 49ers will probably move to Arizona for three weeks after banning contact sports as the team’s hometown of Santa Clara County surges in Covid-19 infection rates in California. Many players miss the game every week because they are on the Covid list. This week, stars such as Adam Thielen, Jonathan Taylor, Larry Fitzgerald, and active MVP Lamar Jackson were on the long list of players sitting for the virus.

The NFL seems to be struggling to finish the season, regardless of health risks or poor product quality. The league is aggressive with heavy penalties and we hope they serve as a deterrent. The saints were fined $ 500,000 and lost draft topics due to the celebration of the maskless locker room. The Patriots were recently fined $ 350,000 at an event in October, with Cam Newton and others positive.

However, despite NFL precautions, there is no control over the pandemic. The chances of a league suspending the season or creating an NBA-style bubble are negligible, so you need to prepare for the tough rest of the season.

In the meantime, advice to the team: choose one of the quarterbacks and quarantine him.

This week’s video

Calling Kendall Hinton’s emergency start a quarterback disaster may be a conservative expression. Thus, the NFL world exhaled collective exhalation when Hinton finally achieved its first completion in the second half. It was his only day. Poor child.

This Week’s MVP

Tyrek Hill, WR, Kansas City Chiefs. Hill announced the first quarter of his life. This says a lot, given Speedster’s already renowned field career. With two minutes remaining in the first quarter, Hill already had 203 receive yards, two touchdowns and one backflip. Bucks then made some great defensive adjustments, but Hill still finished the game with 13 catches, 269 yards and 3 touchdowns. He also caught a pass that sealed Kansas City’s 27-24 wins.

Tyleak Hill celebrates one of the touchdowns to Bucks in the first half. Photo: Kim Clement / USA Today Sports

Useful if the person throwing the ball is Patrick Mahomes. He played his own sensational game with a 462 yard pass. The consistent precision between Mahomes and Hill is magical … unless you’re the rest of the AFC tasked with slowing down these two.

This week’s quote

A strange, seemingly jarring message from the NFL’s most followed reporters. Regardless of Chefter’s intentions, his words are ridiculous with the crowd of La La Football Who Care About Risk Keep the Money Flow and the fact that the league is not temporarily closed. It highlights the gap between people who think they are. Yes, NFL has not technically canceled the game. But this weekend alone they ran the game. There is a team of 18 Covid-19 cases and counts. Other players of James Connor and Mark Andrews Covid who have weakened the immune system. Teams (49ers) whose county bans contact sports. Oh, and another team that had to choose the practice team wide out as its starting quarterback. Everything is fine. Yelp.

This week’s stats

Jeremy Chin scores with continuous snaps. Carolina Panthers safety showed his wisdom when scoring in a series of snaps with the Minnesota Vikings. The first was a bag and scoop after Zack Carr attacked Kirk Cousins. In the next snap, Chin skillfully removed the ball from Dalvin Cook and scored again. All in 1 minute.

Not only was Chin the first defensive player to accomplish this feat, he was also the first Panthers defensive player to record two touchdowns in the game. It’s hard to beat Washington’s Chase Young, but the dazzling sequence has boosted Chin’s defensive rookie of the year outlook.

Elsewhere in the league

-Jacksonville Jaguars fired general manager Dave Caldwell after the team lost to Cleveland 27-25. This is the 10th consecutive defeat. Three years ago, Jaguar was a quarter away from the Super Bowl, but since then the championship caliber defenses have been dismantled. Owner Shad Khan has nominated former 49ers GM Trent Barrke as a temporary replacement for Caldwell. This allowed San Francisco fans to gasp for a turbulent time in Barke’s Bay. According to Tom Pericello of the NFL Network, Kahn informed Dagmarone and his coaching staff that they were safe for the rest of the season.

Derrick Henry was barely stopped on Sunday
Derrick Henry was barely stopped on Sunday. Photo: AJ Mast / AP

-Everyone welcomes King (Derrick) Henry. again. Henry went through Indianapolis Colts with 173 yards and three touchdowns with a 45-26 Tennessee Titans victory that could affect the playoffs. This is Henry’s eight consecutive 100-yard games, two games behind the Barry Sanders and NFL records. Many NFL teams have left the back of attention, but if there were more rushers with Henry’s power and vision cocktails, they would probably take their strategy as an opportunity. Fortunately for Tennessee, Henry is unique.

-Currently there are no more adjectives to describe the 0-12 New York Jets. After losing to Dolphins 20-3 on Sunday, the road to 0-16 and the draft of Trevor Lawrence are very clear. Don’t fire Adam Gace. Gase’s genius coaching skills were exhibited again. This time around, 37-year-old Frank Gore was on display in the form of constant feeding, like Prime Minister Walter Payton. Consolation to Jets fans: Three young players: Defensive Harness Quinn Williams, Offensive Harness Mekey Bekton, and Wide Receiver Denzel Mimes seem to belong to this league.

-After losing to the Houston Texans at Thanksgiving, the Detroit Lions cleaned the house and fired head coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn. No one was as happy with the news as the Lions fans, especially the Patricia part. To celebrate, a horde of Lions fans thanked Deshaun Watson for his four touchdown performances that sealed Patricia’s casket by donating to the Deshaun Watson Foundation. Most of the donations were $ 13, the three-year Patrician era win.

-Callie Brownson, Chief of Staff of the Browns, led the position group in the game as the first woman in NFL history. Browson has defeated tight-end coach Drew Petzing. Drew Petzing returned to Cleveland with his wife after giving birth to his first child.

-Forty-niners won a dramatic victory over the division’s solid Rams with a 42-yard field goal. The return of Deebo Samuel, Raheem Mostert and Richard Sherman was important because all three played important roles. So was the brave performance by the injured defense and Nick Malins. Nick Malins overcame early interception and led the game-winning drive. However, the MVP of this was Kyle Shanahan, who dialed the hell of the game to hand Rams his first defeat at the new palace. San Francisco defeated Los Angeles four times in a row.

NFL without quarterback?The League’s Covid-19 issue is just beginning | Denver Broncos

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