NFL medical team calls for everyone on deck after Dumar Hamlin collapses on field

The Buffalo Bills medical team rushed everyone to the deck for rescue. Dummer Hamlinlater life of he collapsed on the field.

The defensive back suffered a cardiac arrest after being hit in the chest by a tackle by a Cincinnati Bengals receiver on Monday during a game at Peycoe Stadium.

A large medical team rushed to save the 24-year-old’s life after he collapsed.

Shortly after thousands of fans watched Hamlin go down at Peycole Stadium, and millions more watched from their couches, an unidentified man said on a recording, “I don’t like how he went down. ” he said.

Dumar Hamlin, 24, collapsed on the field Monday from cardiac arrest (pictured).

Dumar Hamlin, 24, collapsed on the field Monday from cardiac arrest (pictured).

Audio recordings between medical personnel revealed a stressful moment after he collapsed. “I don’t like how he fell,” said an unidentified man in the recording

Seconds later another man declared the situation “all call, all call”. This means “everyone will be needed”.

“Call and bring everybody. Guys, we need an airway doctor. Bring me a cot with medical workers,” the man said in the recording. new york times.

It became clear that Hamlin had to be revived twice Hamlin’s uncle, Dorian Glenn, said Hamlin’s uncle, Dorian Glenn. CNN.

Hamlin then wakes up, “alive and breathing.”

His uncle said: “He seems to be on the rise in a positive way.”

The football star, who is currently unable to speak due to a breathing tube, reportedly asked the paper who won.

Other audio recordings showed the desperate moments the medical team had with Hamlin before he was taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Around 9:30 pm on Monday, desperate medical personnel asked another person to immediately bring a CO2 monitor to where Hamlin was stationed, as directed by a doctor.

“I need end-tidal CO2 now!” he can be heard on the recording. This test measures how well a person is breathing.

Moments later, another man declared the situation “all call, all call.” This means “everyone will be needed”.

Another man reported that surveillance was progressing, but another man seemed unsatisfied with his calm demeanor.

“Dave, step up!” he said to the man.

Another agreed and said: “Yeah, you need to step it up.”

Additional records show that Hamlin’s parents were being transported to D-Gate to be taken to hospital. Initially, his parents were thought to be riding an ambulance with his son to the hospital, but were later reported to have driven separately.

The ambulance was supposed to leave the stadium immediately, but did not leave until 9:23 pm.

The NFL has not commented on why the ambulance’s arrival was delayed, but medical experts believe the player may have experienced more complications, and staff told him to take a break before hitting the bumpy road. You may have wanted to stabilize the

“Once his pulse returns, you’ll want to get him to the hospital as soon as possible,” Dr. Glatter, an emergency medicine doctor, told The New York Times. “If a patient is in a crash, we may delay transport. This can happen if one of his paramedics holds the driver until he is stable.

“Call and bring everybody. You guys need an airway doctor. Bring me a cot with a medic,” said the man.The defensive back is reportedly doing better after his medical emergency, but now he can’t speak because of his breathing tube

Dr. William Knight of Pritz and the University of Cincinnati said the speed of medical personnel’s response to Hamlin’s collapse on Monday was critical in saving the Pittsburgh native’s life.

Doctors were by Hamlin’s side within a minute of him collapsing and immediately noticed that he had no pulse.

“Sports injuries do happen, but they are rare.” [that] incredibly serious [that quickly]said Pretz. “Untrustworthy [the Bills medical] Team is enough.

“These three days have been a long and difficult journey,” Knight said. ‘[Hamlin] It’s been a pretty noticeable improvement.

Despite his improvement, it’s not clear when Hamlin will remove his breathing tube.

“Every patient is different,” says Knight. “When a patient’s family asks how long they’ve been on a ventilator in the ICU, [we’ll say]as long as it takes.

Pretz said the “best outcome” would be for Hamlin to resume being “who he was before it all happened.” NFL medical team calls for everyone on deck after Dumar Hamlin collapses on field

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