NFL Draft draws 160,000 in protocol for limited attendance

Given that the country remains pandemic, the NFL is pleased to have attracted 160,000 fans to the Cleveland draft last week.

These numbers are inferior to those previously drawn by the three-day draft in Nashville and Philadelphia, but also reflect the necessary health and safety protocols observed by the league.

“We’ve reached 160,000 in three days,” said Peter O’Reilly, executive vice president of club business and league events at the NFL, on Tuesday.

“Thursday nights were stormy, but the crowds were more experienced. This is a testament to Browns fans and Cleveland as a whole. Of course, fewer than if they were completely beyond the pandemic. Well, to explain the situation, it’s more than that. First year at Grant Park in Chicago (2015 when the draft was moved from New York).

“When migrating from the other side of the pandemic, this was certainly a hybrid draft. Last year it was to describe where we were all. It was literally in our basement. It was a bright day. And showed how to do things together in a safe way outdoors. “


Like Chicago, Philadelphia, and Nashville, the NFL uses iconic locations in the city, along the shores of Lake Erie, next to the Browns stadium and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a stage and fan complex. Was built.

The views provided on television gave this draft the feel of a big event. This is what Americans are anxious for because of the remaining threat of COVID-19.

Indeed, many sports and other entertainment genres were looking at the NFL to see how things went. There were a lot of vaccinated fans — needed near the stage — and they wore essential masks somewhere that O’Reilly called the “wider campus”.



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NFL Draft draws 160,000 in protocol for limited attendance

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