Newt Gingrich: Crisis of American Civilization-This is what we have to do to counter the troops trying to destroy America

We are now facing a crisis of American civilization that is as dangerous and realistic as the American Civil War and World War II crises.

During both of these crises, if the United States had lost, it would not have been the United States – and the causes of freedom around the world would have been dramatically weakened.

Today, we are faced with a combination of equal or better internal and external threats.

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Internationally, we are facing a surge in China, whose economic, scientific and technological capabilities are now in perfect competition with the United States. Recent aggression in the South China Sea, Taiwan, and domestic crackdowns, including intensive camps and slaughter of Uighurs, the collapse of Tibetan Buddhist culture, and the suppression of free movements in Hong Kong are all signs of the Chinese Communist Party’s self. Trust.

The announcement of the China-Russia Joint Moon Project is an example of an authoritarian collective challenge to the Associated State led by the United States. The movement of Russian military power around the Ukrainian border is another sign of the potential aggression of authoritarian states.

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No matter how dangerous a foreign challenge is, it disappears when compared to the domestic threat to American civilization.

Consider these indicators that our civilization is beginning to collapse.

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In Minnesota, several days of looting and riots have occurred, despite the ongoing trial of a former police officer proving that the rule of law is working.

Police officers are killed while a car is parked in New Mexico, and the elite ignore the murder. In fact, Mayor Mike Elliott of the Brooklyn Center in Minneapolis said during the riots: Stop or engage in situations that do not necessarily require weapons. ”

A war with police, which killed 264 people in 2020, is underway, up 96% from the previous year. In New York City, hostile forces are using Molotov cocktails to light police cars. The murder rate is skyrocketing across the country, with a surge of 36.7% in 2020, the year of the largest murder in American history.

Faced with aggressive criminal activity and violence against innocent people, including the killing of young children, Democrat Rashida Tribe calls for “no more police, imprisonment, or militarization.” Ironically, Congressman Tlaib represents Detroit. According to Detroit’s 2020 crime report, the number of homicides in 2020 was 327, an increase of 19% from 275 in the previous year. In 2020, there were 1,173 non-fatal shootings. This is a 53% increase from 767 cases in the previous year.

The threat to American civilization goes far beyond street violence.

Seattle, Portland, and Milwaukee have created similar exclusion zones as France, a virtually localized separation from the United States.

Portland continues to be attacked by anarchists every night. Despite a pious statement by civil servants, no effective action is underway to restore law and order.

In San Francisco, shoplifting broke out and Walgreens closed all 10 drugstores in the city after a declaration by the Communist District Attorney that theft of less than $ 900 would not be prosecuted.

The threat to American civilization goes far beyond street violence.

Awakened CEO who refuses to blame the tyranny of Genocide and the police state in China, even though President Joe Biden was completely wrong (probably lying) about the state’s new election law, Georgia I will attack immediately. Moving all-star games from Georgia to Colorado hurt black small businesses (Georgia has eight times as many black-owned enterprise employees as Colorado). In addition, Colorado’s current voting law is stricter than Georgia’s new bill. What matters to the awakened person is not the facts, but the virtue signaling.

Television stations systematically lied to defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 elections. CNN’s Charlie Chester recently insisted: [CNN] I put out playing cards. I’m going to say that 100%, and I don’t know that Trump would have been voted without 100% CNN … I came to CNN because I wanted to be part of it. “”

Of course, the , The Washington Post, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC will challenge CNN’s claim that it alone defeated Trump. Two treatises won the Pulitzer Prize for lying about Trump.

Traditional media hostility and dishonesty are increasingly overshadowed by Internet giants who behave more and more like Russian oligarchs. They are trying to get rid of more than 75 million American-backed leaders with Soviet tyranny and the ruthlessness of the Chinese Communist Party.

Crony capitalism is becoming more daring as big government and large corporations strengthen each other at national expense.

Racism-based compensation, school assignments, and overt racism in anti-white and anti-male curriculum are a return to government discrimination and racism.

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Finally, when California is considering requiring students to sing daily chants to the Aztec god, the center of the human sacrifice cult, it is certain that American civilization is at stake. There is a reason.

If we intend to stay in the United States, we must oppose the troops trying to destroy us.

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Newt Gingrich: Crisis of American Civilization-This is what we have to do to counter the troops trying to destroy America

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