Newcastle Introduces Smart City Innovations |

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The Newcastle City Council has created an online platform that presents insights from various smart city projects in the city and academic research initiatives focused on emerging technologies.

In 2018, authorities announced their intention to become “the UK’s leading smart city.” Since then, Newcastle has collaborated with local-based specialist consultant Urban Foresight on a variety of technology-focused projects aimed at benefiting the city’s citizens, businesses and public service providers. I have started.

Initiatives include testing electric scooters, using connected devices to support vulnerable adults at home, sensors to detect potential flood and drainage problems, and chatbots to support the provision of online services. It is included.

Case studies of these projects will be collected on the new website

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The site also collects research from local universities leading programs such as the Urban Observatory, a digital data platform that the city believes to be the largest store of real-time datasets published to the city. ..

NCLEUS also provides profiles of local businesses and other organizations that support the city in its smart city efforts.

Gedbell, a minister of development, neighbors and transportation for the Newcastle City Council, said: Today, the city is embracing new ways of working to improve people’s lives by providing technology, data, and better services. NCLEUS provides visibility into exciting and innovative projects and businesses within your local area. It also shows why Newcastle is considered a great place for smart city businesses and investors. “

Newcastle Introduces Smart City Innovations |

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