New York City sees school leaders “warning” COVID hotspots as Mayor Bill de Blasio loses confidence in the coronavirus response

new York — — Coronavirus infection In some parts of New York, especially in some parts of New York, prices are rising at “amazing rates.” Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish Community, City health officials warned on Sunday. Authorities do not comply with antivirus regulations, just as city school leaders are not confident that the mayor will handle the reopening of classrooms and demand that the state take over control of the school. In the case, he threatened to impose sanctions.

Big Apple claims to keep infection rates below 1% for more than a month, but in six regions in Brooklyn and two regions in Queens, it exceeds 5-6% in Midwood and Gravesend. The infection rate is skyrocketing. This increase coincides with the Jewish Great Holiday, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, and culminates in Yom Kippur on Monday.

“These areas account for more than 23 percent of new cases in the city, despite accounting for just under 7 percent of the city’s population,” New York City Health Services said in a press release. Stated.

COVID has killed more than 1 million people worldwide


They added that the data showed an increase in inpatients at two hospitals in Brooklyn and at least one hospital in Queens.

This increase caused fear of a second wave in New York. And it reported a record 23,800 Covid-19 deaths when the epidemic peaked in the spring. On Friday, health officials held a press conference in one of Brooklyn’s most affected districts, Bara Park.

“This may be the most volatile position we’ve experienced in COVID-19 in a few months,” said health commissioner Dave Chokshi, who wears a face mask and respects social distance measurements. I urged people.

The Orthodox Jewish Community Leads Plasma Donations …


However, he and his colleagues were booed by at least two in the crowd, including Orthodox Jewish radio host Hessie Tishler, known for his anti-masking stance, local news videos show. rice field.

“Some people refuse to believe in the truth. It’s a deadly virus and we have an easy way to get around it,” said Mitchell Katz, head of the New York City Health System. I told the station.

Battle over school

With the reopening of public schools scheduled for October 1, authorities will also conduct inspections at non-public schools, including many Yeshiva and religion-focused Jewish schools, with facilities as needed. It closed and warned that it would be fined.

Resuming face-to-face learning is a thorny problem, Already postponed twiceAs the number of parents of approximately 1.1 million public school students in New York grows, they will choose remote classes instead.

NYC Education Prime Minister at School Start


The School Supervisors and Administrators Council (CSA) is now calling for the transfer of control of the school system (traditionally the responsibility of the mayor of the United States) to the state during a pandemic.

CBS New York reported that the unanimous resolution of De Blasio’s distrust passed unanimously on Sunday morning, demanding that the mayor delegate control of all municipal schools to the State Department of Education. However, the CSA said its members and teachers are planning to go to school this week to welcome students.

Mark Canizaro, the principal’s union president, said members were fed up with last-minute changes to school start dates and education policies. As reported by CBS New York, the return to face-to-face learning has already been delayed twice due to a lack of teachers.

Virus outbreak New York school reopens
Mayor Bill de Blasio in the center will visit Principal Richard Calanza to check the movement of windows in the classroom at Bronx Joint High School before the school reopens during COVID-19 on August 26, 2020. increase.

Bebeto Matthews / AP

On Friday, the Ministry of Education changed its policy to allow teachers to teach lessons away from home, but the change was made without notifying the principal’s union.

De Blasio recently promised to hire about 4,500 additional teachers to facilitate both face-to-face and online learning. However, he and his school principal, Richard Calanza, were unable to hire enough teachers, according to CSA, a union that claims to represent about 6,400 employees in 1,800 public schools in the city.

New York City sees school leaders “warning” COVID hotspots as Mayor Bill de Blasio loses confidence in the coronavirus response

Source link New York City sees school leaders “warning” COVID hotspots as Mayor Bill de Blasio loses confidence in the coronavirus response

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