New York City Mayor Asks Court to Suspend Years of ‘Right to Evacuation’ Due to Immigration Influx

The mayor of New York on Tuesday called on a judge to suspend the city’s long-standing “right to refuge” mandate, arguing that the arrival of tens of thousands of international migrants has made it impossible for authorities to accommodate all the homeless. .

New York City has maintained the right to protection for over 40 years, since a court in 1981 asked the city to provide temporary housing for all homeless who wanted it. No other large US city has such a rule.

But with the arrival of 70,000 asylum seekers since last spring, many of whom entered the U.S. from Mexico, the challenge is for the city to have space for everyone who needs temporary roofs and beds. It has become.

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Mayor Eric Adams said in a statement, “It is important to be candid about the fact that New York City cannot single-handedly provide care for everyone who crosses the border, including those who are trying to come to the United States. It is in the best interests of people,” he said.

“If we are dishonest in this matter, our system will only collapse.We need our partners in government to know the truth and do their part,” said the Democratic mayor.

Ms Adams said she was not seeking a permanent suspension of her rights to protection, but rather “clarification from the court”.

The proposal was criticized by some housing advocates as it could lead to more people living outdoors.

Joe Lunum, housing campaign coordinator for advocacy group VOCAL-NY, said Adams was “going to shelters that have prevented New York City from following in the footsteps of places like Los Angeles and San Francisco, where thousands of people are in dire straits.” I want to end the rights of out into the street. “

New York’s shelter system is now at record levels. The city says it currently houses 93,000 people. In recent months, the country has rented out entire hotels at great expense to accommodate the influx of migrants. They also set up cots in schools and temporarily housed people in tents, cruise ship terminals and former police academy buildings.

In a letter to the executive deputy chief justice of the New York City Courts, city attorneys suspended authorities’ right to evacuate if the Homeless Services Department lacked the resources to safely house everyone. I asked for a permission change to allow it.

Adams has sought financial help from state and federal governments and has criticized President Joe Biden’s administration for not funding immigration care.

Adams appeared on CBS News show “Face the Nation” on Sunday, saying the $30 million White House offer wasn’t enough.

“We spent over $1 billion,” the mayor said. “We are projected to spend close to $4.3 billion, if not more. This estimate is based on the number of immigrants coming into the city, which is clearly increasing. increase.”

In recent weeks, the city has begun paying for some asylum seekers to stay in hotels in counties north of the city, a move that has sparked anger that the city is pushing the problem onto other communities. provoked condemnation.

During the first months of the crisis, Adams proclaimed the right to evacuation obligations as a symbol of the city’s sympathy for asylum seekers. Many of the first to arrive were bussed to New York by governors of Republican-led border states such as Texas and Arizona, who were trying to draw attention to the border crisis. Governors also targeted Washington, DC, another city with a Democratic mayor.

Catherine Trapani, executive director of Homeless Services United, a nonprofit that advocates for affordable housing, has urged the city to ease the shelter crisis by increasing rental assistance programs.

“There are alternatives,” she said. “A mayor need not take such drastic measures to restrict what should be a fundamental right.”

In a joint statement, the Homeless Coalition and the Legal Aid Society said they were “firmly opposed” to the mayor’s request.

“New Yorkers don’t want to see anyone, including asylum seekers, on the streets,” the statement said. New York City Mayor Asks Court to Suspend Years of ‘Right to Evacuation’ Due to Immigration Influx

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