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You may be familiar with the latest stops in constant search for a young and challenging audience for the Olympics — black tops and 3v3 basketball.

It’s not a pick-up game. When the Olympics get this version of the street hoop, it’s just a bit like what’s happening in an urban playground.

For one thing, there will be no Americans — at least no one is playing in men’s tournaments. Another difference is that these games have references, scoreboards, and each team gets one sub.

But some of them may be familiar. The game is from the beginning to 21 (or the person who won after 10 minutes). The team must clear the ball after the rebound and return it to near the 3-point line. The inner bucket is worth one and the “3” is worth two. The team has coaches, but they are for behind the scenes and are not allowed on the court.

“The best thing for me is that it’s always fun to play,” said Dusan Bulut, who is widely regarded as the best in the world to lead Serbia to tournaments as a favorite. “When playing 3-‘x’-3, you have all the freedom of the world, and it was a lot of fun for me because I can show you everything I am.”

Who is

In addition to trying to catch more young eyes, one of the IOC’s stated missions to bring 3v3 basketball to the big stage was to expose more of the world to sports. This mission has been accomplished in at least one respect. Mongolia brings one of eight teams in the field of women.

Although Mongolia is not a newcomer to the Olympics, it has always defended its players in individual sports such as wrestling and boxing. This is the first time the country has participated in team sports at the Summer Olympics.

Who does not

It seemed a natural conclusion to form a team with the sport invented by the United States. You are never on the side of a man.

Unlike the 5v5 version, the 2019 US World Cup victory did not secure the spot for the Olympics. And an American, led by former Purdue University star Robbie Hummel, caused a tremendous upset in the Netherlands in May and dropped out of the race at one of the last Olympic spots. This means that the world’s second-largest team after Serbia will be watching their 3×3 Olympic debut from home.

Alternative proposal

France’s Laetitia Guapo played 5-5 in 2018 as well.

“I wanted a backup,” she said.

After all, 3×3 fits her game very well. She is one of the top female players in the world.

She calls the ranking “a reward for my determination” and says that Tokyo may be just an appetizer. The next Olympics will take place in Paris, and Guapo says he hasn’t ruled out shots at the marathon, perhaps the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

Music game

Part of the fun of 3×3 is the constant soundtrack that plays while the game is in progress.

The soundtrack has one player, Rae Lin D’Alie from Italy, who attends “Rae Rae”.

She recorded the song “3×3 Anthem”, which the League of Nations, the League of Nations, named the official song in 2020.

Wisconsin natives played for badgers and left school in 2010 as a leader in career games. She has dual citizenship in Italy and last month helped her team secure the final berth of the Olympics.

“For two hours in a row, I said,’I’m an Olympic athlete, I’m an Olympic athlete,'” D’Alie told Racine Journal-Times.

Schedule staff

The team will play Round Robin, and in some cases two games a day, from July 24th to 27th. The semi-finals and finals will all take place on July 28th. All actions take place at the outdoor venue, Aomi Urban Sports Park, which has a covered half-court. It is also home to new climbing sports.

New Sport Explainer: 3×3 Basketball | Voice of America

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