New Relic open source Pixie, its Kubernetes native cluster observable platform

Fortunately, the combination of cloud computing, Kubernetes, and cloud native computing has made software development faster and more powerful than ever. The bad news is to keep an eye on everything that is more difficult than ever. So the good news is that Kubernetes native in-cluster observable platform Pixie has contributed to New Relic as a new open source project to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) under the Apache 2.0 license.


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Pixie is a new observable platform for cloud-native applications. This allows developers to see all the metrics, events, logs, and traces of their application with a single shell command. With Pixie, you don’t have to add instrumentation code, configure ad hoc dashboards, or move data from your cluster to see what’s going on. This saves valuable time so you can work on building better software rather than better monitoring methods.

The program is deployed as a set of Kubernetes services in a monitored cluster. In short, Pixie is a native Kubernetes program. The Pixie Edge Modules (PEM) are deployed as Daemon Sets. Within the cluster, PEM leverages Pixie’s eBPF program to collect network transactions and system metrics without changing code.

Mark Carter, general manager of observable services on Amazon Web Services (AWS), said: “EBPF, a new Linux instrumentation feature supported by the Pixie platform, gives developers and operators access to a new observable superpower.”

This is very convenient. Bill Staples, president of New Relic, wrote on his blog: [cloud-native] The environment presents a new set of observable challenges. We believe that an open source community-led approach is the best way to meet these challenges. Therefore, using Open Telemetry as a measurement standard makes both analysis and troubleshooting much easier.

Staples continues. “With one command, you can illuminate your entire cloud environment and get telemetry right away. All developers reduce friction on observability and save valuable time available for developing better software. You should have access to this incredible developer experience .. To achieve that, we spend most of Pixie’s engineering resources on this open source project. “

Going forward, Zain Asgar, GM of Pixie and New Relic Open Source of New Relic, and CEO and co-founder of the recently acquired Pixie Labs, said: We are in the process of using Open Telemetry to standardize observable services and contribute to Pixie as an open source project. We are seeing the positive impact of open governance on open source projects and look forward to supporting this initiative in the industry.Wide level through us [new] CNCF Platinum membership. “

Pixie Open Source will also run on AWS as a secure, production-ready AWS support distribution for Open Telemetry projects.

Priyanka Sharma, General Manager of CNCF, welcomed Relic to the group. We look forward to their subtle expertise and perspectives, especially regarding observability. “

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New Relic open source Pixie, its Kubernetes native cluster observable platform

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