New Jersey Governor Election Tests Murphy’s Progressive Politics

Trenton, NJ – Paid sick leave. A community college funded by taxpayers. A phased minimum wage of $ 15.

New Jersey has clearly taken a free shift under Governor Phil Murphy of the First Democratic Party, raised income taxes on the wealthy, expanded voting rights, and strengthened the state’s already restricted gun law. .. This is a notable change from its predecessor, Republican Chris Christie. He spent two terms pushing for a more modest policy.

Murphy’s agenda will be put on ballot on November 2, and voters will decide whether to give him a second term or elect Republican Jack Ciattarelli to take the state in a different direction. History is not always on Murphy’s side. New Jersey hasn’t re-elected the Democratic Party as governor in 40 years, and hasn’t elected a governor from the same party as the president in 30 years.

“This is one of the big, vibrant reasons we’re running 10 points behind,” Murphy said in an interview. “We don’t take it for granted. That is, history proves that this year can be a very capricious political year.”


However, Murphy has considerable advantages. He is a leader in polls, raising more money than Chattarelli, and has one million more Democratic voters registered in New Jersey than Republicans. He also welcomes Democratic blowers to the state. Former President Barack Obama is scheduled for Saturday, and President Joe Biden is visiting on Monday to promote his spending plans.

The race hasn’t received as much attention as the Virginia Governor’s contest, but it has national implications. Murphy’s defeat would be shocking, with Biden defeating Republican Donald Trump by nearly 16 points last year. It will also raise the question of whether moderate voters repulsed by Trump are returning to the Republican Party now that the former president is no longer in office.

The left turn in New Jersey has been going on for years. The state has voted for the Democratic Party in all presidential elections since 1992. He has not elected a Republican to the US Senate since the Clifford case in 1972. Republican Party. The last three Republican governors have won for the second consecutive term.


“My focus is only on New Jersey,” Chattarelli said in an interview. “To win as a Republican, you need to focus on what’s plagued the people of New Jersey, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last 22 months.”

Opinion polls show that New Jersey was one of the hardest hits in the early days of the pandemic, but Murphy has been well received by voters for its response to COVID-19. About 35% of the state’s approximately 25,000 deaths were due to long-term care facilities and veterans’ homes. Murphy initially held a daily press conference on the pandemic and now holds it twice a week. He ordered the closure of the least important companies in the early days of the pandemic, such as restaurants, theaters, gyms and most retail stores. A mask was needed and social distance was encouraged. The school was closed and then went almost to remote areas.

“Many people are very happy with how he dealt with the COVID-19 era. The numbers are very clear,” admitted Republican Senator Michael Testa.


Some Republicans are also concerned that Trump’s unpopularity may have reduced the number of approvals for Chattarelli. Since June’s bruise of the Primary Association with rivals claiming Trump’s cloak, Chattarelli sounds like a moderate in Congress, for example, the Roe v. Wade case and the legal status to obtain a driver’s license. He talked about his support for immigrants without a bruises.

He has qualified as an accountant and founder of small businesses while campaigning in democratic cities and Republican homes.

Chattarelli also had to balance the more traditional Republican wings and the Trump faction. This means calling for property tax cuts, long-standing problems in New Jersey, and condemnation of the COVID-19 limit. But that also means facing questions about his appearance at a rally centered on “Stop Stealing,” which is a reference to Trump’s false allegations that the 2020 elections were stolen. Did. Chattarelli said he was unaware that the rally focused on the false allegations of the former president.


Chattarelli was asked if he would welcome Trump’s campaign for him and said he had his own campaign and did not “support” it. He also said he would admit that Joe Biden was legally elected.

During the Trump administration, the state’s political environment clearly shifted to the left, and the Democratic Party won all but one seat in the state in 2018. When Jeff Van Drew left the Democratic Party on Trump’s first accusations, they lost their second seat. Murphy himself won the election in the first year of President Trump running on a self-proclaimed progressive platform. His victory was helped by the unpopularity of second-term governor Chris Christie, who faced Murphy in the 2017 race.

“Looking in which direction the wind is blowing, it’s very difficult for a candidate to be a good candidate if the wind isn’t blowing behind,” said Republican leader Jon Bramnick. “And in New Jersey, the wind is definitely blowing more democratically.”


Democrat and chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Shabonda Samter, said the promotion of more progressive policies, such as early face-to-face voting and extended voting by mail, began at least 10 years ago. After Murphy became governor, these policies rejected by Christie became law.

Sumter sees a real turning point in 2020 during the national calculation of racial injustice following the police killing of George Floyd. She said the growing white awareness of the role that race could play in politics helped Democrats politically.

“Fork woke up and realized that the fight wasn’t taking place,” she said.

For Trenton resident Toby Sanders, who attended a recent Murphy gun control rally in Bloomfield, this year’s Governor’s contest is more than just a state race.

“It’s a bell for the country. It’s the foundation,” says Sanders, who considers himself progressive.


For other voters, state and local issues are more important.

Mike Gardner, a retired lawyer and city party official who worked for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said his biggest problem was getting rid of high property taxes. He supports Chattarelli.

Jim Arakerian, a real estate agent and former law enforcement officer, cited the decision to publish disciplinary action records for certain police as a major concern and said he did not believe police officers were respected by the Murphy administration. He is also skeptical of media and racing polls, citing 2016 and Trump’s astonishing victory.

“Anyway the media wants, polls can be distorted,” said Arakerian, who participated in the Chattarelli campaign in New Milford’s pizzeria.

In their own way, some Democratic voters are also skeptical of polls and don’t want to take them for granted.

“Currently, the United States is fighting for space. The fight continues quietly and loudly,” he said.

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New Jersey Governor Election Tests Murphy’s Progressive Politics

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