New investment risk: unidentified flying object

Two years ago, investment funds warned investors about potential threats to their portfolios. This can hit people outside this world. That “unidentified flying object” (commonly known as a UFO) can hurt your return on investment.

The Procedure Space ETF, which trades under the ticker “UFO,” added a warning to its prospectus this month. Report from the US Government Task Force It recorded the number of unexplained sightings of objects. As the fund invests in space exploration and satellite companies, we have added a warning as these unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) can interfere with the movement of satellites and other objects in space.

Andrew Chanin, co-founder of Procure, admitted in a statement that the story of an unidentified flying object was “once a fictional science fiction novel.” But while fans of The X-Files may believe the truth is there, government task force reports are less definitive about what describes UAP, and objects are extraterrestrial life. I didn’t find any evidence of being a body.

Still, Chanin said the possible effects of UAP should not be underestimated, regardless of its origin.

“Whether it comes from foreign enemies or extraterrestrial activity, UAP has a potentially widespread impact that we need to take seriously,” he said. “We are really just scratching the surface of what we know.”

The United States finds no evidence that UFOs were alien universes …


A senior U.S. official who explained the MTF’s findings to reporters earlier this month said almost all of the cases investigated remained unexplained. Of the 144 UAP reports cited in the panel’s report, only the origin of one object was verified — as a contraction balloon. The report found that the other UAPs were physical objects, not optical illusions.

Indeed, adding a UAP risk warning draws the attention of a relatively small $ 128 million fund, described as the first ETF to focus purely on space-related equities. can do. However, the Procedure Space ETF said unidentified objects “may cause intentional or intentional operation, data security,” cyber “, and other interference with the operation of space satellites and other objects.” It was.

Procure Space ETFs are investing in companies such as spaceflight company Virgin Galactic and Garmin, where GPS trackers use satellite data to track users’ locations.

New investment risk: unidentified flying object

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