New “highly advanced” malware linked to Chinese cyber-attackers

Leading cybersecurity companies say they have discovered a “highly sophisticated” malware used by Chinese hackers to attack government and key infrastructure targets.

Symantec, the division of US software designer and maker of Broadcom, said the oldest known version of the malware, which has been dubbed Daxin, dates back to 2013, but Microsoft first documented the hacking tool in December 2013.

A report from the company’s Threat Hunter Team states that Daxin is “without a doubt” the most advanced malware it has ever seen used “by an actor related to China. The unit says that Daxin was found along with other hackers who were previously used by Chinese hackers.

The hackers have launched Daxin against “organizations and governments that have strategic interests for China. The malware allows attackers to communicate directly with infected computers on highly secure networks with no direct internet connection, allowing them to process data without arousing suspicion.

Vikram Thakur, technical director at Symantec, told Reuters that Daxin “can be controlled anywhere in the world when a computer is actually infected. Thakur said Daxin’s victims included high-ranking non-Western government agencies in Asia and Africa, including the Ministry of Justice.

New “highly advanced” malware linked to Chinese cyber-attackers

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