Netherlands, Australia find Omicron variants as curbs spread

The Netherlands confirmed 13 new omicron variants of the coronavirus on Sunday, and Australia found 2 as a semi-worldly country was the latest to detect it in travelers arriving from southern Africa. bottom.

What you need to know

  • Both the Netherlands and Australia confirmed a new case of the Omicron COVID-19 variant on Sunday and became the latest country to detect the virus of travelers arriving just days after being first identified in South Africa.
  • Meanwhile, other countries have scrambled to slow the spread of Omicron variants and have competed to implement new restrictions as Israel chooses to completely ban foreigners from entering the country.
  • Travel bans arise because new or suspicious cases of new variants have already emerged around the world, including in some European countries, Israel and Hong Kong.
  • There’s still a lot to learn about the new variant, but researchers say it could be more resistant to the vaccine, which could mean that the pandemic lasts longer than expected. I am concerned about

Increasing curb stakes imposed by countries around the world while scrambling to slow the spread of anomalies, Israel will ban foreigners from entering the country on Sunday in the most difficult move to date. I decided.

Confirmed or suspected cases of new variants have already appeared in several European countries, Israel, and Hong Kong just days after being identified by South African researchers. The “act first and ask later” approach is a potentially more contagious variant of the pandemic that has caused more than 5 million deaths, life disruptions and economic disruptions worldwide for nearly two years. It reflects a growing sense of caution about its appearance.

We still need to learn a lot about the new variants, but researchers say that they are more resistant to the defenses provided by the vaccine, which could mean that the pandemic lasts longer than expected. I am concerned.

Dutch public health officials have confirmed that 13 people arriving from South Africa on Friday have been tested positive for Omicron so far. They were one of 61 people who tested positive for the virus after arriving on the last two flights to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol before the flight ban was enforced. They were mostly quarantined immediately at a nearby hotel while the sequence was running.

Australian officials said two international travelers arriving in Sydney from Africa were the first in the country to test positive for the Omicron mutant. Currently, arrivals from nine African countries must be quarantined at the hotel upon arrival. Two German states reported a total of three cases of travelers returning on weekends.

Israel has moved to ban foreigners from entering the country and require all Israelis arriving from abroad to be quarantined.

“Border restrictions are not an easy step, but a temporary and necessary step,” Naftali Bennett said at the beginning of the weekly cabinet meeting.

Dr. Lan Barriser, head of the government’s advisory board on COVID-19, told Israeli Kang Public Radio that the “war fog” surrounding the new variant needs new steps, “early.” And it is better to act rigorously. ” To prevent its spread.

Health Minister Hu Ge de Jongge of the Netherlands asked his public health institute for advice on whether an additional travel ban was needed, but said he would like to coordinate with the European Union counterparts. Please take me with you. “

Many countries have restricted or banned travel from different countries in South Africa, including the latest New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Saudi Arabia. Locations that have already imposed restrictions include Brazil, Canada, the EU, Iran, and the United States. This goes against the World Health Organization’s advice, which warned against overreaction before the variant was thoroughly studied.

The South African government responded angry to the travel ban, which stated that it was “similar to punishing South Africa for its ability to perform advanced genomic sequencing and detect new mutants more quickly.” It said it would try to persuade the country that forced them to reconsider.

In a statement, Naledi Pandor, Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, said, “While respecting the rights of all countries to take the precautions necessary to protect their people, this pandemic has cooperation and shared expertise. Don’t forget that it is necessary. ” ..

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a top expert in infectious diseases in the United States, said it wouldn’t be surprising if a variant of Omicron already exists in the United States or has not yet been detected.

In Europe, many have already suffered a surge in cases in recent weeks, and officials have been wary.

The UK tightened rules on wearing masks and testing international arrivals on Saturday after discovering two cases of Omicron. Spain has announced that it will not accept unvaccinated British visitors from 1 December.

Italy was looking at a list of airline passengers arriving in the last two weeks after a business traveler who returned from Mozambique on November 11 and landed in Rome tested positive for Omicron. “We have increased control at airports, ports and train stations,” said Alessio D’Amato, chief health official in Lazio.

France’s health minister, Olivier VĂ©ran, said no cases have been confirmed in his country yet, but “it is likely that cases are currently in circulation.”

It is not yet clear how existing vaccines work against the Omicron variant, but Veran said France is the latest infection caused by the delta variant, with a focus on vaccination and increased boost immunity. He said he has not changed his strategy to combat the surge.

David Hui, a respiratory internals expert and government adviser on the Hong Kong pandemic, said it’s not clear if the current coronavirus vaccine is effective against new variants, but it will boost the city’s vaccination rate and boost boost immunity. He said it needed to be done. As soon as possible.

He said the two who tested positive for the Omicron mutant received BioNTech-Pfizer shots and showed very mild symptoms such as sore throat.

“The vaccine should work, but it will be somewhat less effective,” he said.

Netherlands, Australia find Omicron variants as curbs spread

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