Netflix is ​​still confused about fallout from Dave Chappelle’s latest special

Firestorm’s Dave Chappelle began with ridiculous comments about transgender people. closeHis latest Netflix special lasted another week, leading to a dismissal, an apology from CEO Ted Sarandos, and a hot strike hosted by Netflix’s Transgender Resources Group on October 20th. The group also designated a new fund for Netflix to support transgender and non-binary talent, actively looking for transgender colored races in leadership positions, and disclaiming before transphobic content. Requests that include adding.

On October 15, Netflix fired one of the main strike organizers close To the media. (Bloomberg reported that Netflix spent just over $ 24 million on specials and watched 10 million people.) “Understanding that this employee may have been motivated by disappointment and hurt on Netflix. But maintaining a culture of trust and transparency is at the core of our company, “the company said. On the verge..

Several celebrities have come out to help employees, including Elliot Page, Dan Levy and Jameela Jamil. “I’m fighting with Netflix transgender, non-binary, and BIPOC employees for a better transgender story and a more comprehensive workplace.” Tweeted page.. (In most cases, the Netflix Twitter account representing LGBTQ + programming shared it. The whole team was out Solidarity. )

TerraField, a senior software engineer at Netflix, has helped kickstart a wide range of conversations with a viral thread on something special about Chapel. Resurrection By the company after suspending her for trying to attend a high-level meeting she was not originally invited to.

“Dave isn’t the cause of this problem and has never been. He’s a symptom. It’s us that Dave believes in what he says and can say relatively impunity. It’s the result of the culture in which we live. It’s a culture that downplays and devalues ​​transgender people, “Field wrote on her website. “He contributes to the culture in a very realistic way, but at least he’s not proud of the number of LGBTQ + Alliance awards he’s won while doing it.”

In a Q & A with Variety on October 19th, Netflix CEO Ted Salands said close. In previous emails released after people started taking exceptions close, Salands praised the special in front of Chapel, Sticks & Stones, “We don’t allow Netflix titles designed to incite hatred or violence, and we don’t believe. close Cross that line. “

“We should have been more humane in our lead, which meant that there was a group of employees who were definitely in pain and hurt by the decisions we made,” said Salands. variety.. “And I think you need to admit it in advance before you get to the point of something. I didn’t do that.”

according to USA Today, Approximately 150 people participated in the strike, which featured a non-binary appearance. RuPaul’s Drag Grace Eureka, a competitor who said people are having fun close “I was laughing in the face of our pain.” There are also clear opposition protesters on the scene, indicating that the problem has not yet been resolved.

Netflix is ​​still confused about fallout from Dave Chappelle’s latest special

Source link Netflix is ​​still confused about fallout from Dave Chappelle’s latest special

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