NBA odds: Brooklyn Nets title odds move in surprising directions

It NBA futures of the . title opportunities Brooklyn Nets quietly shortened in the last 24 hours.

General Hospital and All My Children has nothing about drama coming out of New York’s second favorite area. In the previous episode we saw; Kyrie Irving refuses to get vaccinated against Covid-19; James Harden ran with Ben Simmons arriving; Kyrie gets permission to play home games; play-in games; the losing end of the first round sweep; general manager Sean Marks said he wanted commitment from “everyone”; Kyrie threatens to opt out just to vote and Kevin Durant demands a swap which causes an NBA Twitter frenzy that hasn’t stopped.

Sheesh. OK, before we go into the commercial break, let’s revisit the sportsbook moves after Durant’s trade demand.

“The first thing I did was immediately move the Nets to 25-1,” Jeff Sherman, Westgate SuperBook VP of risk management, told FOX Sports. “If Durant leaves, Kyrie will likely leave too, as his contract is up.

“We had Brooklyn at 8-1 before the report, going 25-1, and we’re all the way to 50-1 now. And we’re open for business.”

It happened on a Friday, an eternity in this day and age. And as we always say around this section, things change rapidly in the Association.

Since then, the Brooklyn Nets have been gaining momentum in terms of their championship odds. In many sports books, those odds have shortened from +5000 to +2000 in the last 24 hours. What gives?

KD & Kyrie stay in Brooklyn as trade talks continue | FIRST THING FIRST

KD & Kyrie stay in Brooklyn as trade talks continue | FIRST THING FIRST

Chris Broussard made a prediction as we continued into the NBA offseason: Both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant would start the season with the Brooklyn Nets, despite being surrounded by trade rumors. Based on sources he heard, the Nets had realized they had all the leverage in this trade, and he explained to Nick Wright and Kevin Wildes why it led him to believe that the two star players would remain in Brooklyn for the start of the season. .

The most obvious explanation is that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are not going anywhere. Yes, Kyrie was annoyed that he was not offered a maximum contract extension. And yes, KD seems annoyed that his partner has endured such humiliation. However, there are many complications involved in moving these two stars.

For starters, how big is the market for Kyrie Irving? Does the team really want to bet it all on a nimble freethinker who’s great at handling the ball, but not so great at tackling the daily grind of the NBA?

As for Kevin Durant, the best goalscoring force on the planet, will the self-proclaimed basketball junkie really miss this season if his requests are ignored? Or could the Big 3 really share the field together?

“The Nets are planning their season to have KD and Kyrie Irving play for them, and with this possibility the odds have been shortened,” said FOX Bet sports trader Daniel Montanari.

In the end, KD was locked up for another four years. Furthermore, the Brooklyn Nets have no incentive to trade KD at this point. If Rudy Gobert had just been traded for five players and four picks, what would Kevin Durant return to in this market? There’s absolutely no reason for Brooklyn to make a hasty decision right away. That is, time is on their side. That is.

“With the Nets reporting wanting a star player plus a pick in exchange for Durant, the odds have dropped back to 20-1 at FOX Bet,” explains Montanari. “Every catch the Nets get will include star players, they are not in rebuild mode and will be playoff contenders even after KD is swapped.”

So what do you think? Is this all guesswork from sharps trying to get good numbers? Or another case of someone who might know something like the Paolo Banchero NBA Draft incident? Or could Durant, Simmons, and Kyrie really share the floor together?

And in case you missed it, the Nets added Royce O’Neale and TJ Warren in free agency—two solid players who would fit into a committed Top 3. Could all this drama cause this title chance to fall to the original? +600 them a month ago?

Let’s see if the Nets can take home the fairy tale championship at the end of this controversial love story.

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NBA odds: Brooklyn Nets title odds move in surprising directions

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