NBA-Irving “true” to yourself by not being vaccinated

File Photo: June 5, 2021; Brooklyn, New York, USA; Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving (11) is in the first game of the 2021 NBA Playoff Eastern Conference Semifinals at Barclays Center. Reacts after making a basket against Milwaukee Bucks in the second quarter of. Required Credits: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

October 14, 2021

(Reuters) – Kyrie Irving chooses not to be vaccinated after Brooklyn Nets has decided that she will not be allowed to vaccinate or play until she is compliant with the New York City COVID-19 vaccine. “I’m loyal to feeling good,” he said. Delegation.

New York’s duty requires proof of at least one vaccination to enter a large indoor space. The NBA said players who couldn’t compete due to local orders would miss wages.

“It’s not about being Antibacs or being on either side. ESPN said on Wednesday’s Instagram Live that Netz guards said.

“If you’re demonized by asking more questions and taking the time to make decisions in your life, that’s exactly what you’re doing. I know the consequences of the decisions you’ve made in your life. I’m not here to sugar coat any of them.

“Financial impact, I know I don’t even want to do that. But to be in New York City, the reality is that I have to be vaccinated to join the team. Choosed unvaccinated. That was my choice. I would like to ask you to respect that choice. “

Unvaccinated NBA players will need to comply with a long list of restrictions in order to participate in the next season, according to a note received by Reuters last month.

The 2021-202 season begins on October 19th.

(Report by Manasi Pathak in Bangalore, edited by Peter Rutherford)

NBA-Irving “true” to yourself by not being vaccinated

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