NBA Finals Game 1 live: Stephen Curry eyeing fourth title with Warriors against Celtics | NBA finals

Celtics 37-44 Warriors, 8:37, second quarter

Boston is alive with three, even Daniel Theis has hit one now but first points shift from Andre Iguodala and Jordan Poole to keep the Warriors in front.

Yet another Porter triple forced Boston into their second timeout.

Celtics 34-37 Warriors, 10:44, second quarter

Otto Porter Jr fired the first shot of the second quarter from Golden State, three. Payton Pritchard answered for Boston. Green answered with two and White outperformed him with three. Still a bit of defense here.

It’s more of an offensive game from the start.

Celtics 28-32 Warriors, end of first quarter

White has been a monster for the Celtics this postseason and he continues to help the Celtics with the three-pointer they desperately need. Meanwhile, Tatum was fouled in the basket made for an old school three-point game he finished on the free-throw line. After all, it’s a one-point game.

Oh, but Curry did his Curry thing and scored his sixth three goals in the first quarter. Wow, Boston hasn’t seen a foul like this in all this time (and that’s just Steph).

Celtics 22-29 Warriors, 1:43, first quarter

Lots of substitutes here at the end of the first quarter. Not coincidentally, we got a few bricks before Curry hit the FIFTH three-pointer. He already has 18 points!

This is not a defense clinic, which is very profitable for Golden State.

Celtics 22-26 Warriors, 2:36, first quarter

But the Warriors continued to maintain a farewell. Thompson immediately scored. Luckily, old man Al Horford was there to respond. Grant Williams, to spell Robert, fouled Curry for one of two free throws. After some rare possession, the Warriors made their first timeout.

Celtics 20-23 Warriors, 4:03, first quarter

Brown scored overtime but Curry scored three more goals but Brown and Derrick White (now in the game) scored. They are getting closer.

Celtics 14-20 Warriors, 5:55, first quarter

Okay a lot happened before the Celtics took their first timeout. Tatum missed two free throws. The Celtics traded basketball while trailing and then Curry’s triple forced our first break in action.

Celtics 9-12 Warriors, 8:08, first quarter

And now the two offenses are heating up. Thompson hit three. Curry and Wiggins scored the layup, with Smart three of them.

Celtics 6-5 Warriors, 9:50, first quarter

Tatum tied it with three, Wiggins made a layup and Smart added his three.

Celtics 0-3 Warriors, 10:50 first quarter

The Warriors scored Steph Curry’s first three. Saw that before.

Opening Tips

Warriors 0-0 Celtics, 11:21, first quarter

And off we go! The Celtics won the opening tip but couldn’t score in their first possession.

I got this reference.

boston will strike back with augustana for game 3

— Polite Deb (@SopanDeb) June 3, 2022

National anthem

Alright, pregame announcement time! It’s getting closer.

Neal Schon plays an instrumental version of “The Star Spangled Banner”: ALWAYS THE OPTION. (8/10)

Boston Celtics line-up

Jayson Tatum, G/F

Jaylen Brown, G/F

Al Horford, F

Marcus Smart, G

Robert Williams III, C

The lineup of the Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry, G

Klay Thompson, G/F

Draymond Green, F/C

Andrew Wiggins, F

Kevon Looney, C

Pregame predictions are from our experts. Clean sweep for the Warriors. What, you expect Magic Johnson to go with Boston?

Boston Celtics greatest strengths and weaknesses

On the one hand the Celtics have the best defense in the NBA in the regular season and post-season, which should make this a challenge for Golden State. However, there is one trick the Warriors can take advantage of: their tendency to turn over.

As Zach Kram points out in The Ringer: “The Celtics allowed an additional 3.6 points per 100 possession in transition in the postseason, per Cleaning the Glass—worst score for any team to reach the second half.”

It’s something anyone who’s watched the hot-and-cold Boston shows in the last two series could possibly assume. Warriors who have superior defense can easily make this series a short series if the trend continues.

Jayson Tatum from Boston is wearing one of those outfits that you can only wear if your team wins the game.


Rest vs Rust is one of the oldest arguments in sport: is it better for teams to get extended breaks or does it lead to complacency? The answer, I think, depends on the team and in this case, it feels pretty clear that the Warriors have too much Finals experience to not notice here. The Celtics have barely had time to rest and it is uncertain how healthy Smart or Williams will be.

I feel this is the most comfortable Golden State win. The Celtics will win at least one road game in this series, they have been the best road team in the league this season but I don’t think this is one of them. I’m guessing Warriors 110-98 Celtics.

I could be wrong! Of course everyone here at MA expects me. Your mind? Again, you can email them to or Tweet them to @HunterFelt and we will include them here at the start of this game.

Draymond Green, who annoyed the Miami Heat (and possibly extended the Eastern Conference Finals) by saying they would face Boston in the Finals gave the Celtics love. A lot of respect between two franchises who have had a lot of wins in their past.

In fact, the Celtics are the only team to have a winning record against the Warriors in the Steve Kerr era. Key stats or useless trivia? We will see later.

“Your Musical Guest…”

I’d rather think of Neal Schon as Santana’s guitarist than Journey, but that’s still a cool Anthem player. San Francisco always seems to have cooler musicians and I’m not happy to say that as a Bostonian (even through Florida).

The NBA has released the following list of celebrities at the opening of tonight’s Finals.

The challenge is for Boston as the series shifts east for Game 3. Must be at least two Wahlbergs in the Garden. And a sighting of Tacko will confirm W.

— Steve Bulpett (@SteveBHoop) June 3, 2022

Lack of Injury Reports

Good news for the Celtics, center Robert Williams is scheduled to play from today, although he may play with limited minutes. Ime Udoka said to expect him to play around 20 minutes.

Meanwhile on the Warriors side: Gary Payton II, Andre Iguodala and Otto Porter Jr were all cleared. That’s right: a completely clean injury report for the first time all postseason.

Ime Udoka says Robert Williams will start tonight. He can play however many minutes it takes, but the Celtics will try to keep his minutes around to keep him around 20 minutes for his best impact.

— Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) June 2, 2022


If you have the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors as the last two teams standing at the start of the season, something that last happened in the 1964 NBA Finals well… I really hope you buy a lottery ticket.

No one knows exactly what the Warriors will be like after losing Klay Thompson for so long. Meanwhile, the Celtics last appeared in the NBA Finals in 2010 where they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in seven games. They also had a difficult regular season, having to adjust to a new head coach at Ime Udoka and working without an All-Star point guard.

But here they are. The Warriors are very much like their older selves and the Celtics have taken the long-awaited next step after they installed Marcus Smart in the point guard position. In the Western Conference Finals, the Warriors beat the Dallas Mavericks in five games while, in the East, the Celtics battled to eliminate the Miami Heat, needing a full seven games. Savvy and starting midfielder Robert Williams was brought in and the team didn’t benefit from a full week off like the Warriors.

Steph Curry, Thompson, and Draymond Green weren’t their old selves, but they seemed closer to them than anyone would have thought. The Warriors have also benefited from an influx of young talent, most notably Jordan Poole, and have rejuvenated Andrew Wiggins’ career after saving him from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It’s hard not to think that Golden State, who will have the home advantage in the Finals, has the advantage, but Boston (who started the season struggling to hold on at .500) have beaten all sorts of incredible odds this year. Just ask the Milwaukee Bucks who lost a 3-2 draw against them earlier this postseason. They have won 26 of their last 35 matches and are yet to lose two in a row in the playoffs. They are ready to give Golden State a run for their money.

As always, we’d love to hear from you throughout this live blog. If you have any questions, comments, predictions or random jokes, you can send them to us by email (to or via Twitter (to @HunterFelt). We will include them throughout today’s game. This is Game 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals between Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors at Chase Center. The tip opening is scheduled for 9:00 p.m. EST, and will almost certainly be later than that, but we’ll be back well before then.

Hunters are coming soon. In the meantime, here’s how our panel sees this circuit running:

Warriors 4-2 Celtics. There are many nuances in predicting who lifts the Larry O’Brien trophy. But let’s keep it simple: We’ve lived through too many basketball years to bet against a healthy Stephen Curry, who is still the greatest shooter the NBA has ever seen. Claire de Lune

Warriors 4-2 Celtics. Let’s focus on coaching and experience. Or, in the case of Boston, the lack of it. Ime Udoka had done a great job reaching the final in his first season as head coach but he made some dubious decisions at the end of the season. Steve Kerr and his bottom line have been here many times before: the experience could prove crucial in the bright light of the final. Tyrell Party

Warriors 4-2 Celtics. The Celtics can make mistakes: while they had a rocky start to the season, struggling to hold on to their .500 record while rookie head coach Ime Udoka adjusted to his new role, Boston ended up being the best team in the NBA since the start of 2022. However, their experience forced them to make a comeback. played more games in the postseason than they should have. Look for them to score a big win before the Warriors take over the series. hunter feel

Celtics 4-3 Warriors. It was conventional to side with Golden State, who had both an experience and home advantage. However, this Celtics team seems destined. They destroyed the Nets team led by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving; they held off Giannis Antetokoumpo enough to knock out the reigning champions; they beat the top seeded Heat. This is an undeniable team, even against a more proven army of Warriors. AR Shaw

NBA Finals Game 1 live: Stephen Curry eyeing fourth title with Warriors against Celtics | NBA finals

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