National Republican Party Focuses on South Texas Capitol Race to Exile Vicente Gonzalez

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The National Republican Party is focusing on Texas’s 15th Parliamentary District as the best battlefield here in 2022. This is an opportunity to show that Republicans can invade southern Texas on the way to regaining a majority in the House of Representatives.

The Democratic incumbent McAllen’s Vicente Gonzalez parliamentarian was in a surprisingly close competition last year as President Joe Biden was sluggish across the region, and 2020 challenger Monica de La.・ Cruz Hernandez is running again.

On Tuesday, house minority leader Kevin McCarthy will endorse Delacruz Hernandez, an early show of support from the Top House Republicans to solidify the contest’s top-level battlefield position nationwide.


“Monica de la Cruz Hernandez is a successful little businessman who understands the needs and values ​​of the diligent Texans,” McCarthy said in a statement to the Texas Tribune. “Many experts predicted that Monica’s opponents would easily win in 2020, but Monica’s tenacity and relentless campaign defeated the Democratic incumbent and fell within 7,000 votes. She runs for Congress again, and this time she wins. “

District 15 is one of the five districts the National Republican Parliamentary Commission is targeting in Texas next year, three of which are in South Texas. The other two are owned by Dallas Parliamentarian Colin Allred and Houston Parliamentarian Lizzie Paneer Fletcher, who turned their seats in 2018 and last year nationwide-supported Republican challengers. I stopped it.


The lines of each district may change before the 2022 election due to constituency changes, but for now, District 15 anchored in the Lower Rio Grande Valley is the Republican’s most national concern. It seems to be collecting. Biden carried it for less than 2 percentage points. This is the narrowest margin he had in a Democratic parliamentary district anywhere in the state.

NRCC and Republican external groups continue to include Gonzales in their early 2022 advertising campaign, which is the three NRCC crossroads that the Democratic House of Representatives campaign committee has put on the “front line” list. Is one of the South Texas lawmakers. A member on the verge of re-election.

Still, the DCCC denies De La Cruz-Hernandez. A DCCC spokesperson said in a statement in this story that while Gonzales worked for his members, Delacruz-Hernandez “spread conspiracy theory, work, be raised, and be wise in every situation. “.


“If she’s the most serious candidate Republicans have to offer, flipping a seat in South Texas will continue to be just a dream,” said spokesman Monica Robinson. rice field.

De La Cruz-Hernandez is a Rio Grande Valley insurance agency and co-owner of a company with her husband, Navi Business Group, which provides maintenance services for industrial facilities.

She surprised politics when she reached within three points after dismissing Gonzales, who has held seats since 2017 and defeated a former Republican challenger by 21 points. After the November elections, De La Cruz-Hernandez claimed voter fraud and ineligible voters were allowed to vote, but Hidalgo County election managers disagreed with that claim.

De La Cruz-Hernandez launched a comeback bid early in February and has since been able to keep key fields away from serious competitors. She is from the state’s most prominent Republicans, including US Senator Ted Cruz and US Senator Dan Crenshaw, as well as state and national groups, including anti-abortion group Texas Light to Life. Collected early supportive slate of. VIEW PAC supports women Republican candidates nationwide.


De La Cruz-Hernandez has also formed a more nationally experienced consulting team to strengthen funding, well above the amount raised throughout the 2020 cycle in the first two quarters of this year.

Still, Gonzales easily outraised her in the last three months, bringing $ 426,000 to $ 279,000 in the second quarter. He also had a big advantage with his cash on hand. It was $ 1.5 million against her $ 227,000.

According to her campaign, De La Cruz-Hernandez shows the largest quarter ever when the third quarter report comes from the Federal Election Commission since September.

Democrats are convinced that next year’s Gonzales race will be very different from the 2020 race. They say they will not share the ballot again with former President Donald Trump, who said some local Democrats had made their own draw with voters in South Texas. .. They also say they will not abandon the direct campaign because of the coronavirus pandemic, as Democrats did in the last few months before the last election.


But there is no doubt that Gonzales is facing the most competitive general elections to date. And under a new bright spotlight, he withdrew from the party on at least some major issues.

At the end of last year, he spoke against a push by some Democratic colleagues to remove the rules that allowed lawmakers to carry guns on the premises of the US Capitol. As the situation on the Mexican border deteriorated, he expressed concern about the White House’s response and called for talks with President Joe Biden and other senior government officials. And most recently, he joined eight other moderate Democrats, including two other South Texas lawmakers, and before the more ambitious $ 3.5 trillion budget resolution, the Senate’s $ 1 billion. Requested the House of Representatives to consider a bipartisan infrastructure package.


Earlier this month, he provided a frank assessment as Afghanistan quickly fell to the Taliban in President Biden’s biggest retreat to date.

“There is no way to hide it,” Gonzales said. Tweet.. “The situation in Afghanistan is another shame for this administrator.”

The National Republican Party still found a lot to attack Gonzales. He was reported to have had a six-digit bank account with the state-owned Bank of China for three years. His office was closed last year, saying it was “based in the United States.” More recently, the NRCC has included him in an advertising round that puts pressure on vulnerable House Democrats over rising inflation under Biden.

NRCC spokesman Torunn Sinclair said in a statement that Gonzales’ support for socialist policy caused the latest problems of borders and inflation, and the Texans “dismissed him in 2022.”


Isaac Baker, senior adviser to the Gonzales campaign, said, “Until you use ammunition to check people’s pockets and safely take your troops and Afghan allies, Gonzales is a working family throughout South Texas. We continue to provide it to farmers and small business owners. ” In the statement of this story. “He works non-stop to help people survive the pandemic and invest in their future, and he deserves the job.”

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National Republican Party Focuses on South Texas Capitol Race to Exile Vicente Gonzalez

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