National Highway plans a digital twin on the British road network

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The National Highway Digital Road Strategy promises a virtual twin of England’s highways and major road networks to predict the time and location of maintenance issues.

The plan replaces drawings and static models with digital versions that can identify when and where potholes and other problems occur, with live data from roadside sensors and digital twins that visualize roads and their condition. Will be combined.

National Highways, which has replaced Highways England and Highways Agency, believes that this will reduce road inspection time and costs, prevent traffic congestion, and reduce road construction emissions by an estimated 50%.

The Road Twin System is being developed in collaboration with the UK Institute for Research and Innovation, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the EU MSCA COFUND Program, Costain and the University of Cambridge.

The project will be funded from two sources: £ 8.6 million from the EPSRC Digital Roads Prosperity Partnership and £ 6 million from the EU MSCA COFUND Future Roads Fellowships program.

Other initiatives in the strategy include self-healing materials and intelligent road materials that can repair themselves using autonomous cone laying machines.

“It’s time for the transportation infrastructure sector to adopt digital transformation.”-Ioannis Brilkakis

National Highways predict that England’s road network is at the beginning of the Digital Revolution and will radically change the way roads are designed, constructed, operated and used.

Ioannis Brilkakis, Principal Investigator of These Grants at the University of Cambridge, said:

“Replace drawings and static 3D models into dynamic, data-rich digital twins, PDF documents into databases, file exchanges into cloud privilege exchanges, passive materials into smart materials, and sense and repair yourself. , All manual routine maintenance should be sought to be automated.

“Everything is possible on the foundation of data science and helps generate a wealth of data-driven insights to make better decisions.

Road Minister Baroness Charlotte Vere said: For example, sensor technology predicts traffic, weather, and environmental conditions so that you can be prepared and responsive to the situation. “

National Highway plans a digital twin on the British road network

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